Things I Don’t Understand

Kittens-playing-in-the-grassI love to watch kittens at play.

They would run and jump at anything that moves. Then run away, then run back, then run away, then run back. Repeat this cycle a few times more and you get an erratic overly curious kitten.

That’s what they are. Kittens are wondrous examples of fear and curiosity. Maybe it’s fun being a cat. Their curiosity tends to overcome their fear.

mrtThe MRT (Metro Rail Transit) has been around for quite some time now. It runs to and from both ends of the Epifanio delos Santos Avenue (EDSA) and carries thousands of people a day. I am one of those thousands.  Whenever I am inline whether going in or out of the station, I usually get angry, frustrated, anxious, and irritated by some one whose ignorance takes the better of them.

One time, I noticed a man putting his train ticket backwards and still keep on pushing it inside the slot.  It took at least 5 minutes before the man was able to use the ticket properly. His act made the queue to the machine reach the steps of the station.

photos 2D barcode Scanner at the MRT turnstiles, is itAnother time, I notice a lady, middle aged and nicely dressed walk up towards the ticketing machine. She looked clueless as to how the machine would work. It was obvious that she had been riding the train several times now by the way she carried herself, but there was still something that seemed wrong. Then I knew it, the moment she inserted her ticket.


She shouted. Not the shout you’d hear when you get hurt or something. It was the kind you’d make when you see a mouse peeking out of your trousers – afraid, stupefied and surprised all mixed up. The ticket that popped out of the machine removed all modesty from her. It was her first time to ride the trains. Again, the queue reached the end of the station.

Man’s fear easily shuts off any type of curiosity. In fact, it has been said that men fears that which they do not understand and what they eventually understand.

It’s hard when you don’t understand. It puts you in a kind of frenzy – frustration, confusion, and what-would-people-say feeling get in the mix. I have learned it all in one day – how to be frustrated, confused, and conscious all at the same time. What made the matter worse was it was all about people I meet and know. Let me share it to you.

  • I just don’t understand how some people would think that they have all the problems in the world. They are the ones who thinks that they are the busiest people in the world and that everyone should bow before them for their business – an achievement in itself. They seem to feel that their priorities come before other people and that they seem to exude that countenance that they are the only ones with priorities. I just can’t fathom their existence.
  • I don’t understand how people could play out their ideals too seriously. Don’t take me wrong, I am idealistic and conservative in my own way. Yet, I have met people whose idealism knows no bounds that it seemed that they have literally painted the world black and white – no grays or other colors. Their idealism leads them to walk away from people who value them most especially during crunch time. Was it that easy to walk away from your friends? If so, where does your allegiance lie? I really don’t understand those people.
  • I don’t understand how some people tend to have the greatest need than the people next to them. Their need for money, food, or whatnot seemed to be so great that they even scam the caring people who offered to help them or considered a second, a third and a fourth chance to them. Take note, a second, a third or a fourth chance, indicating that they have scammed and extorted finances several times before. I just don’t understand them.
  • I don’t understand the how some people think that they are the prettiest and wisest of all. They seem to live in a fairy tale world where they daily encounter a magic mirror on the wall. They seem to feel and act that they are the fairest of them all that when one innocent young girl comes along, they seem to easily fit the role of that famous antagonist and – well, antagonize. All the more weird is the uncanny way they seem to exude the countenance of the victim, when the person they just antagonize rarely shows up at all. I just can’t reach their vanity.

Tough ones aren’t they? And I have to deal with them weekly. I wouldn’t think twice to exchange dealing with them for my patients.

Speaking of my patients, you just don’t understand what they say, but their stories are a wonder and their antics a treasure. Their simple curiosities are kitten-like – beyond fear.

I sure love kittens and my kidsbiz12_c.

We should be better off being like them.


9 thoughts on “Things I Don’t Understand

  1. i remembered my first time to ride the LRT. it was with you and kuya lyzar. muntik ko na mawala ticket ko, i thought it was not needed anymore. =)) yeah, twas hard to not understand…


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