Hope I’m Right.

youth_devI’m still young, I don’t know what to believe.

I firmly believe that the younger generation needs to be taught the values that they would need in life. Not only the do’s and don’ts but the principles that they needed to hold onto so as to live a life with a purpose.

I believe that a life with a purpose would be better realized not through education but through having a firm foundation and value system. With the economic crises that we are experiencing today, what else can we leave for the younger generation?

Like I said, I’m still young.




Tears were streaming down her face.

The loud cry suddenly caught my attention as I was at the mall. The sound came from a little girl of no more than 3 or 4. She was crying loud enough to attract other people’s attention. Every passerby was now looking at her.

I was trying to see if she was faking it. Some people start being con artists at a young age. I know that for a fact.

It wasn’t a fake. She really WAS crying. Tears were genuinely trickling down her contorted face. In front of her was her mother. Mother was angrily scolding her. All around them were pieces of potato chips, presumably thrown around by the girl.

705992-tn_BPB0120The scene was something you or I have experienced more than once. And having said that, more or less I think it would be a better scene at home than somewhere so public as a mall. But the mother had a different opinion.

She was scolding the child.

“I told you not to make a mess! It’s not good!”

Her nose was flaring and her cheeks were blushed from embarrassment. Maybe the mother didn’t realize that the kid she was scolding was not only crying for her mistake but for the same embarrassing state as well.

The little girl went on crying as her mother tried to pick up the more solid pieces of potato chips on the tiled floor. All the while, mommy kept on ranting about telling her time and time again not to make a mess.

It’s a typical mother-daughter moment.

The scene made me wonder. Often times in life we tend to make a mess despite the fact that we know NOT to make a mess. We often take the trouble making a fuss for making a big mess with our lives. We tend to mess up our relationships, our careers, our lifestyles or something or the other. And that’s all we ever do. Make a fuss. We tend to dig in deeper into depression and anxiety. Most of us don’t even bother try cleaning up afterwards.

All of us make a mess. It’s true. It’s a fact.Clean-up_Clip

So why then do we only teach the child NOT to make a mess? Why then do mommies and daddies bother to bend down and humiliate themselves as well as their kids to pick up the chips or whatever on the floor? Is it love? I don’t think so.

If it was love, parents would have taught the kids something extra. Instead of ranting and scolding at their 3 year old, maybe it would have been better to ask him or her to pick up his or her own mess. Clean it up. Wipe it up. Then, comfort the kid from the embarrassment he or she had to suffer.

That is love. That is teaching the kid to survive in the real world by teaching him or her to clean up after making a mess. That way, the child would eventually get to realize that apart from brooding over the embarrassment, the failure and the muddy ground he or she is in, it would be best to clean up instead of cry out. And at the end of it all, the most amazing thing awaiting them is the comforting hug or pat on the back to ease out their troubles.

Like I said, I’m still young. I could be mistaken.

I’ll just try to pick up the mess.




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