Some Things I Wanted To See

I come now to a long period of rest from any activity. I find myself sitting on my bed with a laptop and a cell phone at my disposal with no one to text, call or even chat with. It has been almost a year since I last had this kind of moment. I feel like I could do anything with all the time at my disposal. I could watch anything I’ve missed watching.

Then again, I don’t think I can do that just yet. After all, not all of them are TV programs or movies. So after gathering all of my thoughts and pondering over such things, I have made a list of 10 things that I would really love to see and watch in no particular order. (I have long planned for this post and this is the perfect moment to do this.)

Stage Play – After participating in 4 stage plays (ESTRAGEL 1-4) and watching several others, I find myself missing those moments of practices as well as the tension behind the stage. However, what I really wanted was to witness another play. I wanted to watch one big stage production with professional stage actors and the like. The only problem is that they’re usually too expensive for me. I just hope I could get to see one, one of these days.

UP fighting MaroonsLive College Basketball Game – I have become a disgrace to UP since I have not watched any UAAP basketball game since my first year. It’s true. I stayed for five years without watching college ball. It’s not that I’m not interested, I just lacked the funds and the time back then. Right now, I still lack both, but I’m willing to go anyway. I wanted to experience the hype brought by school pride.

Live PBA or NBA Game – I had my chance last year but I blew it. I wanted to watch one game. Just one. It may not be as expensive as the first one on this list, but heck, where do I get the time and company to watch one game, at least? Calling someone, anyone. I don’t mind what team, I wanted to see the real games live just to see what it feels like. Seeing a real NBA game could be way cooler but I’m not so sure if I could get to that. I have to get a passport first.

Live Baseball Game – The last time the Philippines hosted the South East Asian Games, I experienced the waves at the ball park. It was really a great experience. Added to that, reading Mitsuru Adachi’s manga about baseball (H2, Touch, Nine, Hiatari Ryoukou) really got me fired up in watching a live baseball game. Lucky for me, there’s actually a baseball league here in the Philippines and they play at Rizal Memorial Baseball Stadium. It’s quite reachable. Sadly though, when I learned about it, the season was already over, but for sure, I’ll try next season.

madzMadrigals In Concert – Okay so I have seen them several times before, but I just can’t get enough of this prestigious singing group. Their music was really a hair raiser the first time. I really look forward to next year. I hope I get to see more of this group.

Circus – I know this is a child’s dream. Call me whatever you like, but I really think those elephants standing on two legs are cool especially when viewed up close. I wanted to see a circus with elephants and lions and acrobats and all that jazz. We have our own version here but the ones with the wild animals look way cooler.

Peak of the ParrotSunrise/Sunset atop a Mountain – The last hike, April of this year, was to Pico de Loro. The view was a stunner yet I missed the sunrise since it was one misty morning, and I missed the sunset since we had to unpack the gear upon reaching the summit. Yet I had one helluva view. I really treasured that moment. The hike to Galugod Baboy last weekend was postponed due to certain technicalities, but I hope it would push through next year.

Year end socials 2008Greatest Social Night Ever – I’ve seen the greatest retreat ever for the Pasay Adventist Church – Youth Ministries and I’m happy to say that it happened this year. It was unanimous from both the organizers and the participants that it was one kick-ass retreat. It could be the standard of other retreats yet to come and has been added as part of the glorious moments of the ministry. Now I wanted to see the best social night program ever – acoustic nights not included – that would be the standard of any other social night. It should be one where people familiar and unfamiliar in the church could feel welcome and could feel the fire burning.

old books

Book Signing – If it’s events, I wouldn’t want to miss a book signing. Sure, I’ve seen one during this year’s book fair at SMX, but what I really wanted to see what a book signing would feel like if I was the one signing the book – my own creation. Better yet, I wanted to see the birth of my very own creation, book signing or no book signing, I wanted to see my own book out of the press and into the shelves of people. I wouldn’t care if they read them or not (hopefully they would!) but what I really wanted to see is my own creation. Of course, I should start writing something first but I couldn’t do that without help.

The Eyes of that Someone prepared for Me– This may sound cheesier than it already is, but I don’t care. I want to see that person God has set aside for me. I want to feel those moments with her even if we’re just staring at each other. I really long for that eventful day to come. Oh man! That was really not me.

So that’s 10 random things. Some could be done by next year, while some may have to wait, especially the last one. I just hope that I could witness all of these things. I’m not setting any deadlines, since I’m not really good at following them. Sure enough, though, I’m gonna take a big step since I’m trying to walk a thousand miles with this list.


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