Who Wants A Space Shuttle?

I recently came upon this article from yahoo about space shuttles. What Will NASA Do With the Retired Space Shuttles? – Yahoo! News.

Until now, I am fascinated by those flying things that go out of space. It’s a wonder to see that humankind has been going back and forth to space even though it seems like a baby step at a time. I imagine those scenes in those sci fi movies and cartoons about ordinary people going in and out of planets and galaxies.

I often wonder when that time would happen. Probably a 50 years from now? No one can tell.

Yet one thing is for sure, Space shuttles are really expensive even when old. Cellphones, laptops or other gadgets could get cheaper by the day or month, but space shuttles?

Even when you reduce the price to half, it’s still millions.  It’s not something any ordinary scavenger would get from the trash (but I seriously hope that I could get that much for a space shuttle).

Either way, we could still be sure that we could see those space shuttles. We humans love not only space travel, but also looking back at what we have done so far.


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