A Typical Day

When you get up in the morning, you find yourself rushing to work or school. You eat bread for breakfast which is faster to eat than rice and then drink your milk or hot choco in one gulp. You take a quick bath and forget to soap yourself because you need to get to school or work in 30 minutes time. You take the fastest route by bus or by train to cut off the time spent on travelling. Then, when at school, you find the classes are 45 minutes long and breaks are only spent for doing the homework for the next class that you didn’t finish the night before or practicing the routines or line for the school presentation next week. If you are working, you find the tons of papers and reports that you left from yesterday. The whole day rushes by with you practicing for the school play, the company choir, the inter-school quiz bee, the marching band, the dance showdown and many other things. At the end of the day, you still have to go back home the fastest route possible because you have tons of homework to do or you have a dinner date with your boss or with the company clients. Each night, you contemplate on the things that you forgot to do like take a bathroom break, flush the toilet or even put on your deodorant. Really, 24 hours is not enough for anyone. In the end you get no time to see if you fed your pets or if they are even still alive. You find no time to greet co-workers or classmates. You find no time to build relationships or friendships. No time to explore the unknown or experience something new. What a typical day.


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