Follow The Leader

We now find ourselves in a technological society. We talk with people, plan things and play games online most of the time. Facebook and other social networks have done that to us. The dawn of the iphone and a horde of other smart phones that doesn’t only allow communication but do just about everything else from the playing games to doing the laundry.

Ok, I’m not really sure about that last part.

It’s easier now to get connected, to learn what’s happening on the other side of the globe, and to get things done in a flash. Even kids have this technology in their hands.

I have worked with kids all these two years since I started working and I found out those children even as young as 2 years old knows how to operate a computer or an Iphone. Some even owns an Ipad and knows how to use it. We’re looking at a generation of tech savvy kids possibly a tech dependent batch of kids.

With this connectivity, I have noticed that children seem to take in more of the pop culture. Teenagers that I’ve seen seem to have inhaled a lot of the type of lifestyle the media offered. I noticed this while observing kids practice for a musical play.

A lot of them have the worldwide media imprinted on their attitudes and mannerisms. Some take on an accent that just doesn’t seem natural to a regular Filipino. Some look up to people overrated by television, and the internet.  They seem to be caught up in living after an image brought about by the big screens. What with fashion inspired by a popular “teen” TV series where even the actors don’t look or even act like teenagers.

I guess it’s a “monkey see, monkey do” world after a children’s book that I read. (Although Wikipedia says that the word came from the 18th century somewhere in Jamaica.) The story tells about a monkey who keeps on copying his master’s activities from eating food to sleeping at night. It mirrors how we as children learn by imitating our parents, teachers and even older siblings or playmates. In the same way we imitate even the wrong things that they do.

The worst part of it is if we imitate what we see on TV as well. We think that this hair-do and that item is cool or luxurious or good for you because the stars on TV do look cool or luxurious or good. Moreover, we seem to think that their solutions to their problems on their story are also the solutions to our problems on our story. We only realize it when it’s too late that those on TV are not what they seem to be and copying them is only as vain as vain could get.

With all the media around us, what else could we do? How do we get these kids off theseinfluences?


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