No Room for Christmas

Christian Bible scholars contest the validity of Christmas, that is December 25th, as the real date of birth of the Christ. Some Christian denominations have accepted this fact but merely shrug it off. They say that they are merely commemorating and remembering the day Christ was born regardless of its original date. Other denominations don’t celebrate at all and would rather sleep through this event. They figured they couldn’t do anything about it and just try to join or blend in the merriment. Others, well, others don’t care at all.

I’m part of the denomination that don’t celebrate at all and would rather sleep through the event. I don’t believe that Christ was born on the 25th but would rather sleep than spoil the holiday by being a total Scrooge. I still give gifts to others for fun and for the joy of giving – that is as long as the finances allow.Christmas is all about love isn’t it? So why not join in the love spreading. I attend Christmas parties because it’s a nice break from the usual humdrum of work and service. It’s a time to have fun (but I still won’t dance even anyone even it’s for fun, unless its…..)

I hope it wouldn’t change because of today.

I totally planned to sleep through the world’s celebration until a street party drove my dreams into oblivion. The sound of Justin Bieber among others boomed across the street at 2:00 in the morning. Mind you, I don’t live in any subdivision or village where the roads are wider and there are rules against making too much noise. Instead, we live in a small residential side street so any sound short of a car horn could be heard from across the street. They were drinking and dancing to their ear-drum bursting music. They seemed not contented or maybe they only have one CD but I noticed that the songs just keep on repeating. An hour and a half later they stopped their loud music but still kept on shouting – the alcohol leading the way into the noise. So where’s Christ or even Christmas in that?

I guess the validity of Christ being born on the 25th shouldn’t be the point of contention anymore. Not to say that it is or isn’t the birthday of Christ, but if you would look around, Christmas is getting less and less about Christ and getting more and more about Santa Claus, his rein deers, love to another person, gifts, Christmas decorations and Christmas shopping. It has turned into merry making, drunken stupor, dancing, parties and opportunities to be with sweethearts and gangs. The handful who would observe Christmas as the commemoration of the birth of Christ suffers.

The values of love, respect, giving, humility, patience, thanksgiving, and peace have lost its meaning in the hearts and minds of teenagers. They have become twisted and distorted to such a degree that you would get confused as to which is the right and the wrong path to follow. This could be seen with the way teenagers nowadays observe Christmas.

This scenario seemed to be the repeat of what happened 2000 years ago in Bethlehem. When a couple named Mary and Joseph went from inn to inn searching for a place to stay so Mary could give birth. They were tired and hungry after their long journey and this last stop was the most trying of all. Every inn keeper‘s abrupt response was “Sorry, no more room!” Finally, the couple decided to settle in the worst area of Bethlehem – the stables. They were at a place out of sight and out of mind of the people who were too busy doing the official bidding of their government that they have no room for the birth of Christ.

When will we give time for Christ and forget about the shopping and the merry making? When do we really get to spend the time remembering that He was born to set us straight? I guess there should be no contest about who was born when rather it should be why He was born and what do we do about it. We should contend on how to show that it really is the birth of Christ not just through portrayals or pageants but through changing lifestyles and practices. Maybe through that, we could have room for Christ.

Do we have room for Christ on Christmas?


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