A New Hope Straight from the Ancient Times

“Come on sir, why don’t you try this new business I’m offering you?”

A lady on the other line insisted. I got her call while shopping with some friends at the mall after work. I tried to dodge each question and talk my way out but this has been the third time she called. I didn’t want her calling again so I had to answer and endure the 5 minute conversation about a “business” she was offering.

The first time she called, the mention of “business opportunity” already sent a tinge of anticipation in my ear. Obviously she meant a networking business, but no matter how she denied or made excuses about it, I’m not interested.

For people who are into this stuff, I know you’d call me unmotivated, un-ambitious, not a risk taker, and a whole lot of negatives. I just might be all of those. Maybe they’re actually right about it. Or not. For me, this enterprise seemed too good to be true. I also sense some flaws in all their presentations. For the record, I have attended around 10 presentations from different networking companies. I politely declined each one, although one really persistent friend signed me up and got me a membership card without my consent. I never heard from him nor from that company.

I am quite aware of the repercussions of not joining. Yeah, I won’t be rich because I wasn’t willing to take a risk. I won’t be able to own the car I have been dreaming about (which I still can’t decide which because I change my preference every time I see something new). I won’t be able to own a mansion or a house for that matter at a young age. These and a dozen other things I won’t become including the classic: “you won’t be able to reach your dreams!” As if my dreams could actually be bought by money. I already accept these facts. I already understand the repercussions.

I guess everything really has consequences.

Third law: To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction: or the forces of two bodies on each other are always equal and are directed in opposite directions.

Actually this law of classical mechanics as scientists and geeks would call it, isn’t actually original. Though the scientific world claims it to be propounded by Sir Isaac Newton, it seemed like the scientist just formalized something we could observe on a daily basis to make it understandable by geeks like him self. Nevertheless, he became well known for it.

What’s amazing is that this law is something that you could experience on a daily basis. You don’t see a person moving backward after shoving him from behind. You don’t see a bird fall down because it flapped its wings. You don’t see a kite going against the wind. It’s the way things run its course. It’s the way our very organized God wanted.

The reason for this is simple: so we can realize that our every action has its consequence. Apart from just paraphrasing Newton’s laws, I realized that this is actually true. Though we understand that God is forgiving, we couldn’t help but notice that our sins still have repercussions.

We may feel down, depressed or guilty for whatever sins we may have committed. Sometimes, we are also caught in myriad of failures as a consequence of our sins. Simple things like lying could blow up into a full scale scandal. Small time crimes like petty theft could spawn into a criminal organization.

While it may sound that I had too much of Grand Theft Auto games, it really happens.

Once I met a guy named Peter who had a quarrel with his girlfriend. The reason was petty, a simple lie to cover up for being late. Their quarrel ended their relationship. They lost each other for something small.

How about hearing about a government employee taking money from another official to bypass services that his agency is handling? He could eventually rise up the ranks still doing his corrupt ways. As he rose into the ranks of the office, the value he is getting for bypassing services or overlooking problems could escalate from simple 500 peso bills to tens and thousands of pesos. Until, he’ll find himself entangled in a web of corruption and politics what’s worse is that other employees take after his example. It’s enough to put a country in chaos.

We also hear of policemen sponsoring or leading in drug trafficking rings, sex dens, gambling dens, and a dozen other crimes. They are present in the newspaper, the television or even the radio. We also hear of the reputations some politicians, and celebrities develop as corrupt officials or plain tax evaders.

Whatever it maybe, God offers his forgiveness. The consequences are there, but the bottom line is that he still forgives.

Jacob, Abraham’s grandson, took a step away from God. He cheated his father Isaac, he robbed his brother of inheritance and even took away a horde of his uncle, Laban’s flock. It took him several years and twelve children later to catch up with his past. He was finally able to meet with his brother Esau, who had an army in tow. After having a whole night literal wrestling match with God, Jacob came to terms with God and his brother Esau.

Zaccheus was a well known tax collector. He demanded tax higher than what was required. He kept half and remitted the other half. Thus he gained notoriety as one of the richest men in their small town. He must have known high ranking officials as well because he seemed to have been doing it for a long time. A short moment with Jesus brought him to come to the reality of his sins and gave away his riches to the people. He even repaid all his debtors and the people he wronged four times.

These are just two men whose sinful ways were straightened because they encountered a great God. We have yet to hear of the woman at the well, Mary Magdalene, King David, King Solomon, King Hezekiah, Abraham, Samson, Samuel, Job, Jeremiah, Isaiah, Joshua, Moses, and many other men and women who committed sin but was hit back hard. God seemed to have swung hard at them to lead them to the opposite direction. And He seemed to have been doing that for a long time. He has been forgiving sins for a long long time, what difference do we make from all those men and women of the Bible?

He still forgives sins, even though our actions give us the consequences didn’t want.

“If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.”

1 John 1:9


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