All Praises To You

Took a stab at making a psalm after reading the book of Psalms and after a wonderful time-bending day yesterday. Didn’t know how this would sound, I’m no where near the prowess of King David and I don’t even know how psalms were made but you be the judge.

I have set my heart to doubt You

Lulled my eyes from seeking You

I have placed myself high above all

Yet I have lacked a lot of things

I am now in an empty carousel

Of which I cannot escape.

Yet You have proven that salvation,

Power and time is all in Your hands

Never will I doubt Your mercies again

Lord, You are the Master of time,

For You have turned the hours,

And the circumstances in Your favor

God, You are the only salvation

For You have redeemed me

From the oppression of chances,

Vice, agony and vile corruption

You alone, Father, are my hope

For you have set Your heart towards me

Though I may have turned my back,

I’m like a babe with no shame,

Yet You have given me Your name.

My praises are never ending.

You alone are God.


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