Subtle Tongues

I’m always late with the news. In my schedule, I neglect to read the newspaper and we don’t have television for several years now. However, one day, I found myself staring at a week’s worth of news papers and read them one by one. I was surprised with what I read. The headlines were all about young people and teenagers. They were all about crime.

One involved a teenager stabbing a classmate during recess time in school. Another one involved two students choking their classmate to death in front of the whole class. They were in the fifth grade and the whole class had to undergo psychiatric treatment due to the trauma. Still another crime involved a 17-and 13-year old. The younger shot the older before committing suicide. It was speculated that they were lovers. Moreover, another young man was caught after robbing and killing a family of four. He was the house help of the family with kids younger than 6 years old.

What is happening?

With these kinds of crimes, it doesn’t take an expert to be alarmed at the gravity of the situation. Can mere children as young as 10 or 11 years old commit cold blooded murder? What pushed these kids to do these things?

A lot of factors could be blamed. As I am no expert in these things, I could only surmise that parents, and the environment were blamed to be the cause of this mess. Of course, parents would get the instant blame as they are supposed to guide these kids to grow. The environment particularly the media would get the blame for kids these days are already adept with computers and have spent most of their waking hours in front of the TV.

How come nobody blamed the kids?

When kids start grade school, their parents oftentimes lose track of what they have been doing in school. They lose track of what happens within the walls of any institution they sent their kids. Sometimes, even the most disciplined homes produce delinquent kids, at the same time, the problematic homes produce the most successful kids. I think it’s not about the upbringing but what’s creeping inside the kids head and being cultivated away from the guiding eyes of their parents.

Probably the environment is to blame particularly the media with all its creativity in delivering  the wrong images and ideas into the kids heads that’s the problem. Away from the prying eyes of their parents, the children would talk about how the hero killed the villain, how the oppressed shot the bully, how the damned cried pitifully from the evil stepped something. These things creep into their heads and create scenarios inside their heads. It’s just a matter of time before these things either get suppressed or expressed. Wrong images, wrong perspectives, and wrong ideas are often creeping into these kids’ hearts and minds.

I am no sociologist or psychologist to say that my opinion is based on facts. Actually it isn’t, but one thing I am really sure is that this has been a problem even before. History just changed events but the principles and the concepts were all the same.

In the 10th chapter of the Great Controversy, Germany was already divided into factions: the Reformers and those who held on to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and the Holy Roman Empire. Luther was still missing in action.

Those times, the Reformation movement was getting stronger with support from some of the higher authorities who were moved by Luther. However, things were turning to the worse while Luther was away. False teachings and men pretending to be also inspired by God emerged. Several men pretended to have been convinced by the cause and have allegedly received special messages from God to preach. They preached false teachings there by misleading a lot of people. Some sowed seeds of doubt.

Pandemonium within the ranks of the Reformers ensued. People began to neglect the Bible. Students stopped studying the word of God. Others left the university. Some who were left to continue the Reformation movement failed and nearly broke down the whole movement. Their ideas began to creep into the minds of the learned. They were so subtle they could easily convince the intellectuals of their time. Now the attacks not only came from the outside but also from within. While the Roman papists were trying their best to suppress the Reformation movement, the false teachings within the movement began to circulate.

We need to remember though that this subtle work of the enemy existed as far as we could remember. The fall of man that happened in Eden began this way. Some crafty tongue sowed seeds of doubt and confusion. Man fell because of the crafty tongue. The same things happen until today.

Luther got wind of the news and was instantly stirred. This was harder than getting attacked by the papists and Romanists. This was an attack from the inside. Without him to lead out the movement, the truth would be lost to the false teachings. Thus, Luther was forced out of hiding. He preached and tried to clarify matters. Things were rectified at least for the time being probably as long as he was alive.

Children fall whenever their parents’ backs are turned. They get wild ideas and scenarios in their heads when their parents aren’t there to guide them. The same thing happens in an organization. Whenever the leader goes away or into hiding, the members become vulnerable to losing sight of the goal. Moreover, things creep into our minds whenever we turn our backs from our Creator. We tend to get easily swayed whenever we failed to build up a stable foundation with Christ.

Why this happens to us, only we could surmise. Probably because we tend to think that we are independent. We are strong and we live on our own. Maybe because we lacked that dependence on the Creator whose only desire is for us to be happy. Maybe it’s because we tent to listen to our own hearts which is deceitful above all things.

The bottom line is we should be dependent to God who breaks all subtleties.


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