For The Gift

It’s another Christmas season. It’s another opportunity for the cliché stern warnings of Christians to remember who was born on Christmas. They’d say that instead of going through the traditions, the songs and everything else, think of Christ who was born.  Yeah, it has become a cliché I wouldn’t write about it. On another note, Christmas is another opportunity for Christian liberals and conservatives and extremists to debate over or promulgate the knowledge that Christ was not born on the 25th of December and this holiday is a pagan holiday. Bah-humbug!

I believe it. Though such is the case, I believe we should still enjoy a holiday with our friends and family. We should still have a time when everyone would exchange gifts and enjoy a feast with loved ones. And we still need to think more on that Christ child who was born but not only on Christmas but everyday of our lives.

Still, Christmas is another opportunity to squeeze one’s self in downtown Divisoria or Baclaran for the best buys of the season. Prices there are really cheap. Any visiting tourist should try visiting there especially during the Christmas season. You will really learn a very valuable lesson whenever you visit the place: You get to treasure an object when you’ve poured all your blood and sweat in getting it.

So what about gifts? Every Christmas we exchange gifts, we have secret santas’ and many other schemes during office and home parties that we end up with a gift or two or sometimes more. How much do we treasure those gifts that we’ve received?

I remember a story in a book by Robert Fulghum wherein he related how a vase would cycle around their family and friends until it went back to the original giver.  The value was never appreciated probably because no one ever poured sweat to make the vase.  A craftsman would probably be more appreciative.

This is probably the same reason why a lot of people would just go through the motions of the Christmas. Everything is tradition. Everything for them is a practice that they’ve been doing for years.

What we should all know is that a gift when unexpected is treasured. A gift when given out of blood, sweat and tears is the greatest gift. Imagine squeezing in through the hustle and bustle of Divisoria to get that gift for your beloved or blazing through the shops in a mall just to buy a gift for your precious someone. Then imagine making your own gift by getting your hands dirty and bruised or bloody just to give someone a knitted sweater or sock. All the effort to get the gift makes the object priceless. To make it even more priceless, the person who received the gift should also learn how hard it is to get the object. This will allow him or her to treasure it more.

So how do you treasure a gift?

So, what would you do if you were given a gift?

What would you do if the gift was a life?

I told you, I’m not going to blog about anyone being born.


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