Still More Things I Don’t Understand

I recently saw a video about a woman who was initially diagnosed with a brain tumor. Upon surgery, the doctor couldn’t help but chuckle. The patient would live longer. It wasn’t a brain tumor after all. It was a worm.

While it was good to hear that the woman’s life was not in danger any more, it is scary to think that a worm could convert your brain into its home and enjoy every minute of it while you suffer. The exact nerd term for the worm was not divulged in the report, but it was said to have come from eating half cooked pork or not washing your hands after using the bath room.

I guess the latter would be far fetched. I know and have seen some guys in public restrooms who never washed their hands after doing their thing in the bathroom. I don’t know though if there’s already a colony of worms in their heads, but I guess the former is more likely. We could also say that it might be a one in a thousand occurrence, but the doctor who performed the operation admitted that this woman was not the first case in the past five weeks. This means that many people can have it.

To prevent such case is easily proper hygiene and cooking your food well. Wash your hands well after using the bathroom and cook your pork well or, even better, avoid eating pork at all. I still find it amazing how a worm could climb up to your head. I’ve heard of worms in the stomach, and on the legs, but never on the head or I might not have watched or read that many media for quite a while. I remember the stories used by the elderly to scare you from touching worms on the ground, they said that those worms could enter your skin and live inside your intestines and kill you off. I never touched a worm after that until I got into high school where we used to pick worms from the school garden and throw it at each other.

So how does the worm get into your head? Is it like love that won’t go away unless operated on? Why do fools fall in love?

Imagine the number of things we don’t understand? In the tradition of the first two posts a few years ago,  namely Things I Don’t Understand and More Things I Don’t Understand, here are some of the things I still don’t understand.

  • I don’t understand why some people would try to include their personal agendas, and grudges in a seemingly neutral issue. What’s worse is that some people would try to insist on getting their own way to the extent that other people get hurt and friendships get shattered.
  • I don’t understand why some people habitually spread lies. I could understand how kleptomaniacs can’t help but steal other people’s things without any reason. I could even understand robbers and thieves who live at a knife’s edge because they need to live and they need to survive. But spreading lies and rumors? What do people get from lying? What do benefits do liars get? Is it fun when all it amounts to are strained relationships, broken trust and a wasted life?
  • I don’t understand why some people would prefer to play the blame game. They tend to blame other people, their circumstances, their status in life or any other misfortune that lead to their downfall.  They seem to forget that they should be responsible over what is happening in their lives and the people around them instead of the other way around. Why can’t they blame themselves? Why can’t they just admit their mistakes, say sorry and keep it shut? It could be easier that way.
  • I don’t understand why some people allow themselves to get manipulated that easily. In a similar note, I don’t understand why some people manipulate other people. I have been on both ends whenever I deal with my patients, I get manipulated by some crafty kids and if feels sheepish. I also have manipulated some kids and it sucks life out of you. With kids, it could be easier to understand, but why do full grown adults allow themselves to be controlled by other people and why do other people want to control other people. Can’t we just live interdependently?
  • On a lighter note, I don’t understand how some people’s presence just keeps you going. It’s like whenever you see that person, you just seem to get stronger like you can do anything. They may not say or do anything but occupy a small space in this vast universe but their impact on you is so great, you just can’t help but enjoy their mere presence.

Issues like these are like worms in the head. It hurts like a tumor or a cancer until you remove the worm. Perhaps this just tells us that what happens in a micro scale happens in a similar fashion in more macro set-up. That is, the way an individual person gets sick is similar to the way society gets sick. It happens in small seemingly innocent events but would only reveal itself once the disease has full control of your functions. A cure cannot be found unless the source is extracted.

While prevention is better than cure, could society’s diseases be cured by hygiene and avoidance?


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