Capturing Life

I remember a story of a contest for painters of who could best depict peace. Most painters showed a lot of beautiful sceneries. It makes you feel like floating in the air. However, one painter showed it very differently. It was a bird flying across a vast tumultuous ocean in the middle of a storm. I don’t remember who won the competition, but that depiction could never be more real.

We need to face that real life is not always a bright sunny day. In fact, most times, it’s a huge storm. Some may not understand it, but for someone who lives in a country visited by tropical storms several times a year, you can easily relate to a storm where wind, waters, and earth conspire to wreak havoc. The strong winds bring in the sea waves, while the seemingly endless downpour softens the soil. This results to landslides, mudslides, huge waves, floods and strong winds. It’s nature’s fury at its finest. It would be a fun but scary if you can experience it once, but here, a storm is an almost monthly occurrence.

Life is like that. It’s always stormy. It’s always trouble. It’s always problems. More so that we could never imagine a life without problems that even your most treasured vacation never went the way you always planned or imagined it to be. Furthermore, even the most expensive weddings, the finest dates, or any planned events never went on as planned. Let’s face it, you get disappointed a lot of times in life. You get to solve life’s problems every day. Makes you hate life right? Yet that is the stark reality.

This is not to discourage anyone from living. We just have to admit that life is never fun without problems. Life is never life without getting disappointed. It’s an inescapable fact of life. Yet in life there still exists things such as love, hope, faith, enjoyment, laughter and finally, happiness. Those things still occur once in a while. Much like if there’s a bad thing, there is most definitely a good thing. What’s amazing though is that though there may be bad times, the good times lasts longer, the memory lasts forever and you can always laugh at the things that made you cry or sad at one point in your life. More importantly, there still exists a God. One who is always ready to catch us whenever we fail in life.

Sometimes I even ponder that life is like shooting a beautiful flower on a windy day. You don’t want to hold it firmly as human touch could be intrusive or destructive to its delicacy. You still want to jump in to get a wonderful shot. Yet, at each try the wind baffles the solemnity of the flower that all you could get are blurs and waves. So you shoot and shoot some more hoping that you’d get at that elusive photograph. Yet it’s all in vain. A professional could of course do tweaks to capture it perfectly, but an amateur could only do so much. You get a chance when the wind rests, but at each rest, just when you thought that the moment is right, the wind just blows again to mess it all up. So the game becomes a shoot-and-miss game.

So what would you do? Give up in despair? Abandon all hope? Leave and let go? Just try and try until you succeed? Try again next time, thanks for playing.

Is it stubbornness to hold on and keep waiting till faith paves the way for the sun to shine and over power the wind? Is it too much to continually pursue one goal and wait until a wall is slammed into your face? Would that define stubbornness? How long and how steadfast can a man become to each disappointment in life?

I intended to end with these questions, but I guess I can’t help it. The answer to all is love. If love can make you move to change the way you do things, then disappointments could be out shined, stubbornness could be translated to persistence, and problems could be seen as opportunities. Love makes all things possible. It just takes a heart and a head to contain it.

Oh and with regard to taking a picture of a flower, sometimes you just have to wait your turn. The wind will die down soon. Just wait your turn and the flower will pose just as you wanted.


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