Representing the Highest House

What is happening at the impeachment trial?

The first quarter of this year has brought the Philippine islands this kind of issue. The highest judiciary office has been in the hot seat for schemes he has allegedly done. He is now being tried in front of the senate to answer for his crimes. The trial is yet to be concluded but because it is televised, it has become the talk of the town even though some of the language used was mostly jargons. A lot of the common folk couldn’t even understand what is going on but you can expect everyone to have their own political opinion.

I have been apolitical most of the time, but I believe the trial started with a majority vote from the lower house of representatives. I never really cared. I just let Ceasar deal with Ceasar’s concerns. However, one couldn’t help but wonder what these representatives are supposed to be doing.

These men and women were elected to represent the people in their respective districts. Wikipedia tells us that:

 “There are 229 legislative districts in the country, each composed of about 250,000 people. There are also sectoral representatives elected through the party-list system who constitute not more than twenty percent of the total number of Representatives.”

In common language, these men and women were elected to represent their people. They were there to speak in behalf of the needs and desires of the people under them. So what if, and I have no intention of referring to any representative, they spoke more about their own needs rather than the needs of the people they were supposed to represent? What then would happen to those under them?

I leave the answer to the readers’ imagination.

The fact remains though that we were also elected as representatives of a certain house. A higher house even higher than the senate. In fact, it is the highest house.

“But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light;” – 1 Peter 2:9

That being said, who do we glorify?

Whenever we get the chance to talk in front of a congregation, we need to take consideration that the only “I” that we need to mention is the one who calls Himself “I am that I am.” The church is never about you or me, it is about He who placed the you and me in front of Him. We need to remember that simple fact.

We need to keep in mind that whenever we are given a position in church or even a part in the service, we represent our Creator. We should never put any room to share how glorious we are because our glory could never measure up to how majestic and powerful the Almighty God could be. We could never even imagine the length or depth of such power.

As representatives of Christ, we need to remember that we talk only about Him. All the things that we say or do should be His image, not ours.


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