What can happen in 6 months?

Some studies say that children learn something new each day which are important for their growth. If it happens at that pace, a lot could happen to the child in 6 months. He may be able to say or at least know a lot of words. He could at least function well. Some newly-born kids could even crawl or stand up at that age.

For dogs, it has been said the dog would be half its mature size in 6 months or so. Same goes with cats and other similar animals. Animals do age faster or rather, mature faster than humans – in fact, some humans even when considered chronologically adult, do not act mature.

In 6 months, many things can happen.

The transition from June to July is the middle of the month. While January is a time for beginnings, June and July would do well to be a time for assessing one’s life. What has happened for the past 6 months and what changes could you do for the better for the next 6?

Like January though, I wouldn’t put any resolutions but rather a look back at what has happened and how things have gone for the first half of the year.

  1. Increase in roles. God has been so good as to give me a lot of opportunities to serve. For the past 6 months, things have become so busy with regards to church activities. I have seen more action for the past 6 months that sometimes I get overwhelmed. Looking back, I even found myself singing solo in church (not going to happen again, I hope. LOL)
  2. Increase in friends. Since the start of the year, I found myself surrounded by new faces and new personalities in church. I still learned a lot of new things from my old friends (which made them seem new!).
  3. Increased travel. This year probably is my jetsetter year. For the past 6 months, I found myself in various places that I never imagined I’d go. Some even just around the metro. In a span of 6 months, I’ve been to Cebu, Boracay, Rizal, Quezon, Laguna among others.
  4. Increased expenses. With new travel, new roles and new acquisitions, I found myself with more expenses that I could control. Some continue to haunt me while some continue to baffle me.
  5. Increased inspiration. I found myself smiling more and getting hyped up more than the usual. The reason will remain a secret. J
  6. Increased faith. I found out that recently I had more times instances of kneeling because of the new things around me. All aspects of my life has become a rollercoaster ride more than I could handle so for things that I couldn’t I trust in my Lord to handle everything for me.
  7. Decreased weight and mass. I found myself changing my wardrobe from XLs to Mediums. I lost 11 kilos in a span of 6 months. Gladly it wasn’t due to stress. J
  8. Decreased blogging. Based on the statistics, I’ve posted more last year than this year. Almost every day I made a summary of whatever happened to my life via a Haiku Project. Now, I found myself at a loss sometimes for ideas or sometimes the ideas come but go away before I could even put it into writing.  March and June has been the lowest points with only two posts per month.
  9. Decreased paper production. I couldn’t understand but I used to hand in my papers before the deadline. Now the deadline died and still the paper is still on the line. So far I’ve managed to lessen the backlogs but still I need to muster more energy. Work ethic, where art thou?
  10. Decreased sleeping time. Whether it’s because of some activity or the other or just plain laying down on the bed smiling and still can’t sleep. I found myself getting less sleeping time in the last three months. Probably also because of the hot summer weather.

Of course there’s more. But I guess those could suffice for now. Whether those on the list are positive or negative, I’m too sleepy to decide, but one thing for sure, I pray to God that he would take charge of everything else from now on.


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