I guess for this year, it’s inescapable. It’s not on Facebook and people have long since left multiply to even notice. Yes, it is my birthday. I really thank that person who posted on our Youth Ministries wall. Now a lot of people know that it’s my birthday.

For years, I have always wanted to just let the day pass as if nothing happened and just let things be. I guess, this year… Oh well… Not that I’m complaining but during these days, I find myself so vulnerable to favors. I couldn’t resist offering a helping hand to people who are in great need.

So here I am, walking the planet for 26 years and still somewhat enjoying the experience.

My uncle used to say to me 6 years ago that everything will change the moment you hit 25. I didn’t believe him when I did. I still felt the same. Yet things went so fast I couldn’t even believe it. The 365 days that spanned from the moment I turned 25 has become the fastest part of the roller coaster ride so far.

Teach us to number our days,
that we may gain a heart of wisdom.

– Psalm 90:12

Five years ago and almost fresh out of college, my high school friends remarked at how I never seemed to change. I still looked the same and carried the same gargantuan back pack that contained books that never had anything to do with school or work.

Everything changed in one year.

1. I became more fit. It was last year when I started the running spree. Now I felt more athletic or rather more fit than the previous 25 years. After running all those kilometers twice a week, I feel fit. My legs felt bouncy and I feel myself oozing with energy. I also managed to watch my food intake. This is all in part due to the last item.

2. I felt wiser. I found out that I was more careful with what I do. I learned to listen more to people and things around me. I learned how to weigh my options better. I still occasionally take the wrong turn…er… still always make the wrong turn… or whatever…

3. I am more aesthetically conscious.  I learned that I should master over myself. I learned to take charge of myself not only in what I show or do to people but also how I carry myself. I became more conscious aesthetically and managed to change a lot from my wardrobe to my personal documents. I am becoming more aware of the need to be a responsible citizen, a person, and a leader.

4. I felt more responsible. I learned to be responsible because I learned that a lot of people are looking at me. Ever since receiving this higher calling of leading the youth from God, I found out that most decisions fell on my hands. I found that most of the people depend on me. I don’t know how to handle these with my bare hands, but God made ways by sending me responsible and committed associates. Still, this year, bigger responsibilities have been given to me.

5. I felt more capable. Since taking over the helm of the Youth Ministries, I found out certain parts of me that didn’t seem to be there before. I learned to chair meetings, talk to people and help people in need. I learned to keep my tongue in check and my ears in attention. Most of all, I learned to train and secure the future generation of leaders.

6. I felt more inspired. I have felt more energized this year than any other year. I found a bigger inspiration this year than any other year combined and it has been the biggest blessing so far. I seemed to have awakened to the need of an inspiration. I could say that I found it and it has become my driving force all throughout this year. Thank you to whoever you are.

The past year has become a giant truck load of blessings. The six mentioned above are just some of the things that drove me. I am so blessed by the Lord that I could do nothing but praise Him for that wonderful year.

Expect more posts to follow this week.


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