The Renaissance period was a period of cultural change that spanned roughly 3 centuries. It was a time when intellectuals began to flourish and look back at the past.

I am not really that highly versed in the events back then but it seemed like people who were involved in the Renaissance often looked back at Greek and Roman art and architecture. It’s some sort of a cultural look back. It came in waves and affected all aspects of life including politics, science, religion, music among others. From the Italian term Rinascimento which means rebirth or to be reborn, the period was usually marked by rebirth and improvement of things that were ancient.

Who can blame those people back then, looking back is nostalgic and euphoric.

Recently there has been a Renaissance of sorts, it was more of a revival of interest in things that were present a decade ago. This reminded me and my generation of fun times and good times that molded us into who we are. Here are some of them:

  1. USA DREAM TEAM – Exactly 10 years ago, in 1992, the United States of America formed the most formidable team to ever play. NBA greats in the likes of Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Charles Barkley played alongside out going legends like Magic Johnson and Larry Bird. Now, it’s the turn of this generation’s greats in the form of Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Kevin Durant among others. Of course, there were speculations of who was greater but there was also a revived interest in looking back in what happened then and where they are now. We can’t help but admit that 1992 Dream Team was really a dream come true and made NBA and basketball a prominent name across the globe.

2. RUROUNI KENSHIN – A viral video of a live action movie of the manga and anime hit of the 90s reminded us of the legendary Battousai. The anime and manga became part of the forerunners of the anime, kpop and jpop craze in the country. We have to admit that we found the vagabond wanderer who was once a legendary assassin really cool. Not only for men but also for women. With the live action trailer, people of my generation obviously looked back at those times and secretly wished that it would be aired here in the Philippines. Others who just heard of Kenshin from their older siblings would wonder with curiousity at the legendary samurai with a cult like following.

3. SPICE GIRLS – I was never a fan but the girls in my class flaunted their songs and strutted along the school hall ways ala Spice Girls. I have to admit that it helped shaped the women of my generation. Thus, with their appearance in during the closing ceremony of the 2012 Olympics, their names were once more prominent. All social networks clamored to have the video placed on YouTube to be viewed at their leisure. I bet those ladies in my class, successful as they are right now, couldn’t help but watch those videos over and over again with probably tears in their eyes.

4. MULTIPLY – Multiply is closing. It’s another reason for my other post in my other blog which can be viewed here. It brings back memories of the hey day before facebook became a household name. It was a time when photo and video sharing was seen as a need aside from writing testimonies and blogging which were made famous by friendster. Now, it is closing or rather evolving into something that would suit it’s current clientele and it won’t be a social network anymore. This prompted lots of bloggers and long time multiply users to move to other social networks and move their blog posts and photos to other websites.

I admit, these three may not be enough to cover a whole generation of 90s kids. It might not be even be significant to some people, but I guess it could be better applied to my circles. The point of the matter though is that a single object or event or knowledge of the past could influence those in the present. It could even lead people to dig up and look up what our predecessors did and have during their time.

Imagine the events in circa 1844. A man named William Miller studied and predicted the coming of Christ. Many believed him prompting the Great Disappointment of 1844. Great was their disappointment when they found out that Christ didn’t come on that said date. A lot of people lost belief, others lost their way, and still others tried to find out what’s wrong which prompted the creation of other Christian denominations. Among those who diligently searched were a group who found a whole lot more than just the Second Coming of Christ, they found a way of life. They found important truths such as the importance of a healthy lifestyle, importance of the observance of the Sabbath, among others. They became the forerunners of what is now the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Those people who decided to change were the ones who really dug deep into their history books and their Bibles. They are the ones who could be considered enlightened in that they figured that they have to know more and they have to learn more. I hope that someday, there would be an upheaval, a revival of sorts on things that are important. I hope I would be alive to see that Renaissance of God’s importance in the lives of people. Perhaps soon.


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