Are You, You?

( *_* )   “I’m just being me!”

< -_- > “So who are you?”

(*_*) “It’s complicated!”

< -_-> “Who you are, determines what you do!”

(*_*) …

Have you tried picking out thoughts in your mind to see what kind of thoughts you have? How about watching what’s going on in your head in 24 hours?

I bet it’s a mash up of movie genres more obscene than any pornography available, more bloody than any war story, more terrifying than any horror movie, funnier than any comedy film, more tragic than your weekday soap… and so on.

We dare say that we are who we are, or we’re just being ourselves, yet in our deepest thoughts we have a community of persons contradicting each other. In fact, we cannot even describe ourselves on a surface level without contradicting ourselves more than twice.

I got this idea from Robert Fulghum. He’s somewhat a life coach that I have never met.  His idea was almost similar to that above. He referred to those people on his head as “the committee.” It’s no psychological discovery; it’s just something that he made up himself. After all, who cares if you called an apple, an orange? It’s just you anyway.

Instructions: Try to think of the things that you find enjoyable. List them down.

Then, try to pick out two things that you cannot do at the same time like watch TV and travel.

Realize how many things that we wanted to do in life and realize how contradictory some of them could be. You could be inclined to be outgoing or stay at home, but can never be both at the same time. Yet you can shift from one to the other with ease.

Thus, you is a very fluid concept. You can change when you’re with your book reading buddies, or with your mountaineering club members. You transition from being a baby lover to toddler villain faster than light. You cannot be you because you don’t know who you is.

Come to think of it, whenever you take personality tests, if there are four criteria, you seem to have characteristics of all four. One may appear dominant but you still have all of the criteria. For example if you say you’re melancholic, you neglect to say that you still possess sanguine, choleric and phlegmatic personalities. It’s just that melancholic is dominant of the four.

Try to take the same personality test a year later and see if you’ve changed personality over time. I did try it once. I changed personalities after a year. Without realizing it, I changed my answers to some. We are constantly changing. One cannot be forever fun and outrageous. The fun part stops at a certain point. It always is. It’s the same way that roses have thorns and blood have germs.

We always change. Try tracking how you act with your family members and see the difference when you act with your friends, your co-workers, your boss, and even with the homeless man on the street.  You’ll discover a multi-faceted you that you barely even notice.

I don’t know what psychologists or sociologists call that but that’s reality. We are never constant no matter how much we admit that we never changed. We all change.

(*_*) “hmmm…”

< -_-> “so who are you?”

(*_*) “I dunno. Who are you?”

< -_-> “depends on who you want me to be.”

(*_*) “…”

Instructions: Be yourself. See how hard that is.


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