To what place am I headed

when will it all come to an end?

What shall be my fate

if all this is vanity before me


I have considered everything

that I have done in my years

I am writing like that old man, nay,

a wise king in the ancient of days.


He saw through everything as vain

useless pursuits and baseless aims

yet here I am running against time’s hands

seeking glory wherever it may lie.


He saw through the wickedness of hearts

saw his senseless passion and pride

here am I just starting to build

my castles, and my fortresses inside.


Would I take heed to one

whose years have taken its toll

one whose wisdom transcends

any other man’s final scroll


here’s a man who ruled kingdoms

brought riches to his country

made other lands tumble and fall

while me, I couldn’t even rule myself.


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