In The End, YM is Just Beginning


The year is ending.

But the world did not and maybe not anytime soon.

Sure, the economy might collapse, asteroids might threaten the cosmos, but this year should serve a lesson that we cannot predict the future, not even the end of the world. God never intended to put a date to it.

Sorry to those who were wishing that this was the end. No it isn’t.

Despite this funny disappointment to some, this has been a good year. Or good might even be too subtle or too soft a word to describe this year. This year has been EXCELLENT!

In a riding a giant rollercoaster, the ride is slow, almost boring. The machines try to pull the ride atop the tracks. It’s not so exciting. It’s not so thrilling. But it’s the biggest ride of your life. Then at the very top of the hill, the ride pauses. Then the fun starts.

This year for me has just been like that!

The year was a slow start but as the ride went up and down, it was really exhilarating. This year I began to take full control of the Youth Ministry. I began to take charge. I keep on imagining how a gopher like me could ever take charge, but here I was, taking the plunge at the very forefront of the roller coaster.

Like any rollercoaster ride, it was slow at first, as I was slowly groping. Like some toddler trying to figure out how his hands, and feet could coordinate to climb up the slide and go down. I was trying to figure out the people I was to rely on for the year. I was trying to figure out what made them tick and how to make them move. It wasn’t so hard because everyone was so willing and committed that I couldn’t help but be thankful. In the end, it was not me leading, but us leading the direction of the ministry. God has been so good.

It seemed like this year, although I call the big shots, I felt like I was a mere ambassador of the youth. A person who represented them but the whole direction and the real brain was composed of a council of more or less ten people. Ten minds come together to plan which way to go.

Then the ride began.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABeginning with the retreat, the fun began! The organizers were moved by the way things fell into place at the proper timing. Sure, there were hang ups, but what ride doesn’t have hang ups? People puke at roller coasters right? This is no different, but we were able to clean up the mess or live through it.

Right after the first retreat, the young professionals’ class was formed. Prior to that, the collegiate ministry was also formed. Thereby answering the needs of our youth based on their age level and maturity.

theBattleCryA second retreat for the collegiate was planned and executed by one of the most untiring youth group that we ever had. This retreat was as exhilarating as the previous one. The regular programs were also a blast. Hearts were poured out in the service of the King. The youth was on fire this year. Mountains were conquered. Grand heritage sites were visited. Quizzes were answered.

The youth also played a huge role in evangelism. The collegiate became involved in the early stages of a community evangelistic effort in Sun Valley. At almost the same time, the Ladies became the Karada girls and took part in an extraordinary evangelistic effort in Novaliches. Both efforts are still in continuation today, though their roles might have been minimized.

Like any rollercoaster, the ride would soon become slow after speeding. The thrill would revert back to a lull.

This is not the end though. This after all is a huge roller coaster.

The lull is just a phase. The machines carry it back up to an even higher track.

This is the lull. The machines will take us to a higher level. 2012 has been exhilarating. 2013 is bound to top that!

YM logo

If you are interested to join the PAC-Youth Ministries, feel free to join our FB page to find out more. You may also Google the location of Pasay Adventist Church, Pasay City, Philippines.


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