Free Love


I was totally dumbstruck.

I just could not believe my eyes. These people must be crazy!

One rush hour evening, I was standing on a street with a big smile on my face. I was in the middle of the business district. Corporate people were all rushing passed me. On my hand, I had several magazines, books and DVDs. The goal was to give away all of these reading and viewing materials until I had none. I was to expect nothing in return. Everything was for free.

This should be easy. People loved freebies and stuff right?


I got icy stares from corporate types. I got exaggerated head shakes. I even got waved off – something along the lines of “talk to the hand!”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAt first I thought, maybe I was giving it to those who were too busy or those who were in a hurry? So I tried to pick the people and gave away to those who were strolling calmly along the street. I tried to make my voice clearer so as to reassure them that this is free and that all they have to do is take it.

Nothing happened. The stare down continued as they went passed me. The hands kept waving me away. People’s heads almost fell on the ground as the head shakes become more exaggerated.

It doesn’t take a sociologist or a psychologist to tell me that this is a consumer age. Nothing is free, or so everyone thinks. People walk around thinking that anything handed to them has a price. Everything needs to be paid for. They believe it so much that when real free stuff is handed out to them, they’ll just walk away from it.

Who could blame them – or us?

So much has been exchanged for money – food, clothes, and other possessions. More so, even those things that we thought were priceless like forgiveness, friendship and even love. We now think that those things have a price. We pay for forgiveness when we have done someone wrong. We pay people so they could be our friends. We pay people to listen to us. We pay people to give us comfort, and care. We even pay people to love us.

But here I was, with my friends, dead serious on distributing something free, on reminding people that there are things given in this world with nothing in return. We are giving away love.

The magazines, books and DVDs all talk about free love – love that is given without expecting anything in return. It is so rare nowadays that we tend to stare it down and think it as a new way of extorting money from you or others. Most of us have forgotten that true love is actually free.

Love is actually something that you receive for free. You’re not expected to pay anything, just receive it and it’s all yours. Once you’ve received more, you will later on realize that you have to share it or give it totally away. Again, it’s free.

Imagine the originator of free love actually gave us His image, thereby making us very much capable of giving and receiving free love. The originator of free love even went so far as dying on the cross to remind us that His love is free and regardless of who you are, what you have been doing in the past or what you plan for your future, He is there to love you unconditionally.

Jesus Christ died on the cross to show us that His love for us is genuine. This love is something that we should receive with open arms even if we don’t feel that we deserve it. This love is also what we should be sharing for everyone – love without asking for anything in return.

Don’t hesitate to receive love. Love is free otherwise it won’t be love at all.



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