Humans and Robots


I watched Real Steel for the Nth time.

Yes, that Hugh Jackman film where there are fighting robots in an arena. The film that’s full of father and son drama and metal giants clobbering each other. It’s a movie full of muscle while at the same time could also warm your heart.

Then there’s Transformers. Imagine your childhood heroes come to life – the best part was the voice! That Optimus Prime voice I grew up with was the same voice used in the movie. It just made you teary-eyed nostalgic when he was introduced in the first movie.

transformers8-hiI couldn’t help but be fascinated at robots. Who wouldn’t be? Imagine seeing a huge chuck of metal, wires and other odds and ends imitating what flesh and blood creatures could do. CGI aside, real robots run the industry in manufacturing various things, robots explore space, deep oceans and many other places humans can’t reach. Nowadays, robots are also trying to reach homes as play things, remember robo-dogs?

While it would be cool to see robots, robots are all the same. They are all made up of the metal, wires, and various contraptions whatever their function may be. They are all the same emotionless man-made beings that were meant to serve us. We can turn them off and on at will and they can do what we wish whenever we wanted without any complaints. And, no matter how amazing The Matrix trilogy is, robots and machines are never going to rule over us, servants could never rule over their masters.

biyaherosIn contrast, we may be all made of the same flesh and blood, yet our Master and Creator never intended for us to be the same. While the same blood runs through our veins, we have different personalities, attitudes, talents, ambitions, dreams, wants, needs, up-bringing, beliefs, opinions, hobbies, preferences, maturity, culture, ethnicity, race and social statuses. There may be people who share some similarities with you, but God made all of us to be different.

We were born to be different. Unique. Set apart. One of a kind.

Which leads to the question, why does religion want to make us to be same? Why strictly impose a standard?

If we can remember, this is where Israel had erred. Pharisees had placed a heavy burden on the laws God had given them. They made it a mandate for all to follow. Failure to follow would be death or a similar severe punishment.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYet Christianity seemed to be following suit. Many Christian denominations try to control people by imposing standards. They all expect us to conform. In most cases, older individuals usually heads in suppressing the younger set from exploring their faith and growing spiritually. Coming from a religious background where this is actually happening, it is hard for the youth to find the real meaning to their belief. It is sometimes hard for them to find the real essence of faith.

We need to remember that the whole point of Christianity is Christ dying on the cross, not laws. Paul, Peter, John, all of the disciples have mentioned that at one point or the other. God never created robots.  He wanted each one to have their personal journey with Him. He wanted each one to have a personal relationship with Him – and we all know that here on earth not all relationships are the same. In the same manner, your relationship with the Father might not be the same with mine.

Erwin McManus, in the book Soul Cravings says this:

“When you come to God, you begin a process that re-creates you from the inside out. You begin a journey that is nothing less than life transforming. While there are some things that we will share in common, the journey God has prepared for you is uniquely yours with Him.”

We are all created equal but unique. We are not robots. The only thing that should be similar to all of us is the Jesus Christ who died on the cross and the God who loves us more than we could ever know.

Isn’t that cool?



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