The Baker

Took a stab at fiction again:


There was once a kind-hearted baker who was the best in the world. He was an award winning baker and his cakes have been lauded all over the globe. The kind hearted baker decided that as a way of thanks he would create the best cake in the world and give it for free for anyone who would like to try.

chef_mainIt took him months to plan, test and create the best recipe for the cake. The cake became a recollection of all his life’s work. He decided to make it the very best if it is something that he would give back to the people.

Finally, he unveiled his masterpiece at the town square. It was huge, colorful and delicious. Best of all, he offered it for everyone for free.

But because the process took so long, the people lost interest. Few people even attend the unveiling. All the town officials, the high society didn’t come. Some of them doubted it was good even before they tasted it. Some thought there was a catch like giving some donation. Some decided to pay for a identical but second rate imitation cake by a rival baker that didn’t even match the effort poured by the kind-hearted baker. Some just walked past and were too busy to even look at the masterpiece.

The baker, not to be rejected, even knocked on people’s doors to offer his wares, but people would just slam the door shut thinking he was selling something. The baker even tried to offer it to passing motorists on the highway. Yet, some told him to stop because it caused traffic. He stood on the streets giving away his free masterpiece, but no one paid attention, they were just to busy to taste or even look at the colorful works of art.

boy-cryingDejected the baker sat down on the pavement with his wares beside him. From where he sat, he saw the homeless, the beggars, the street kids. They were all hungry, poor and dirty. He decided to give them the masterpiece. The kids got to him first, they ate, and were really pleased with what the cakes. They have never tasted anything like this in their life. The kids gave to their parents, and to the homeless bums along the street.

Soon, the masterpiece cakes were all fed to the people on the streets. The baker was really happy.

God is like the baker. His love is His masterpiece. He gives it to everyone for free. No hidden charges. No tricks or abuses. He gives love to anyone who would just come up to Him and take it. Yet we’re all afraid, doubtful, or just plain too busy and preoccupied by so many other things to try His love.

We may not trust people. We may not know what love really is. But we have a complete assurance from the God of the whole Universe that His love is free of charge and available for everyone. Trust God and fill your hearts with His love.



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