6 Is Not A Bad Number


Aside from writing blogs, I also love to read what people post on their blogs. I actually follow a lot. I follow a local comic book blog, called TRESE. I took a liking to their story that I managed to buy each issue and even get one of them signed by the authors. I also follow Avid Liongoren’s tumblr where he posts cool pictures and videos of his artworks. I follow some of my friends’ blogs and keep updated with their life, their stories and their perspective. Still aside from those, I’ve been following a lot of sports, science and Christian blogs.

With that long list, I cannot really read all of them. Some of them don’t post regularly so I manage to read every single post. On the other hand, I get to select the articles I read on blogs that update regularly – some as regular as on an hourly basis.

Then came another blog.

A few months ago, a friend posted a link on Facebook.

The link led to blog site.

Petsur0297The site is called Marc and Angel Hack Life: Practical Tips for Living. The site is all about lists and ways that serve as reminders to readers that life is good. It answers the Hows and Whats of life.  Each article makes you ponder upon how useless it is to be depressed and what are the most important things that we’ve all been missing. It fosters introspection and retrospection. God bless Marc and Angel whoever they may be.

I have been following that blog ever since. I get reminded. I get refreshed.  I get new perspectives and quotes in life. I heard they have a book, I just hope it also gets released in the Philippines or else I won’t be able to get that book anytime soon – or maybe even forever.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATalking about blogs, I recently got a reminder from wordpress. My blog is now at its 6th year. Imagine that! Time flies so fast it has been 6 years already. And it also has been 6 months. Whoever said that 6 is such a bad number must have had too many bad experiences with 6. 6 for me is a good number. A lot of good things have happened for the past 6 months and also for the past 6 years.

To commemorate that moment, here’s 6 things that we should love about our life directly from Marc and Angel Hack Life blog. These things are currently what makes me love life so much. I added the characters/passages in bold face and/or Italics as well as the pictures.


1.  Time spent on personal growth and goals.

100_9732The wisest and happiest are those who are respectful of their time, annoyed at the needless loss of it, and use it dutifully to grow as they age.  Sadly, too many of us age much faster than we grow.  We spend so much of our lives going through the external motions of what society tells us ‘maturity’ is – getting married, buying houses, working our way up the corporate latter, etc. – that we fail to concentrate on our own inner growth and goals.  We never allocate enough time just for us.

Part of the problem is that we’re always waiting for some condition to resolve itself at some point in the future.  We believe that the right time to take the next step is somehow going to magically happen tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, etc.  But one day we wake up and realize we’re no closer than we were long ago.  We find ourselves asking, “How did it get so late, and why haven’t I moved?”  In other words, we’ve aged, but we never grew to our potential.  We never fulfilled ourselves.

Let this be your wake-up call.  This is life.  Right now.  Indulge in it.  Make it count.  Because it’s happening.

 2.  Living your truth every day.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe world can easily be a tragedy if all you do is feel without ever acting.  To feel something and believe in it, and not to live it, is lying to yourself.  If you do this for too long you will never do more than exist meekly from one robotic motion to the next.  You will live a lie every day as the truth haunts your thoughts every night.  You simply can’t get away from your truth by moving dishonestly from one place to the next.

If any of this hits too close to home, take a stand right now.  Stop sipping the denial cocktail and take a shot of the delightful truth.  Wherever your heart is, there you will find the reality that brings YOU to life.  The time to act on your truth is now.

3.  The joy and freedom of an open mind.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYour perspective on things is important; it enables you to make sense of the life you lead.  Always keep in mind, though, that different people have different perspectives, and yours isn’t the only one that makes sense.  There are few black and white facts in this world.  Most facts are simply interpretations.  You begin to learn wisely when you’re willing to see life from other people’s perspectives too.

Even as you grow wiser and wiser with age you must remind yourself that an understanding is never absolutely final.  What’s currently right could easily be wrong later.  Thus, the most destructive illusion is a settled point of view.  Since life is continuous growth and movement, choosing a fixed point of view is essentially a declaration of death.

Success in life does not depend on always being or proving that you’re right.  To make real progress you must let go of the assumption that you already have all the answers.  You can listen to others, learn from them, and successfully work with them even though you may not agree with every opinion they have.  When people respectfully agree to disagree, everyone benefits from the diversity of perspective.

4.  Relationships that improve you.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s not about finding someone to lose yourself in, it’s about meeting someone to find yourself in.  When you connect with someone special – a friend or lover – this person helps you find the best in yourself.  In this way, neither of you actually meet the best in the each other; you both grow into your best selves by spending time together and nurturing each other’s growth.

When you honestly ask yourself who these special people are in your life, you will often find that it’s those who, instead of giving you things or taking things from you (advice, answers, material possessions, etc.), have chosen rather to share in your joy and pain, and experience life along with you through good times and bad.

5.  The story you tell yourself every day.

100_9894Forget what everyone else thinks of you; chances are, they aren’t thinking about you anyway.  If you feel like they always are, understand that this perception of them watching you and critiquing your every move is a complete figment of your imagination.  It’s your own inner fears and insecurities that are creating this illusion.  It’s you judging yourself that’s the problem.

You judge yourself by telling yourself a story inside of your head.  Every moment of every day you’re telling yourself this story.  You are building your future around this story, so tell it right.  Create a positive narrative about your dreams and goals that include only the circumstances that matter.  What you think others are thinking about you is not part of this narrative, and neither are your negative self-judgments.  

6.  The positive spin of life’s surprises.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYou are never at the total mercy of life’s surprises.  No matter what life throws at you, you can decide what these events mean to you in the short term, the long term, and how you will integrate them into your life.  Everything that happens is subject to your interpretation of it.  Thus, far more important than what happens, is what you choose to do with what happens, and your options are abundant.

The life you live is ultimately the life you choose.  Choose to focus on the negative, and negativity will indeed surround you.  Turn your focus to the positive possibilities, and these possibilities gradually become realities in your life.”


I hope that after reading this we’ll learn to love life more. I did!



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