Highs and Lows

Fire came down.

Every one stood aghast.

It wasn’t a fireball. It wasn’t a volcano. It seemed more like a flamethrower aimed from the sky – if there was a flamethrower at that time!

That day was a glorious moment if you were a believer, an eye opener if you were in doubt or a skeptic, and the mom-I-pooped-on-my-pants scared moment if you were a Baalim devotee. Nonetheless, the sight was enough to get you on your knees.

Just imagine: Fire fell down from the heavens on a famine-hot day and consumed a huge soaking wet stone altar in just a matter of minutes!

This established Elijah as a prophet of the Only and Most High God! More importantly, the event established that there is only one ever powerful God!

Most of us might be familiar with the story. Elijah versus Baal’s prophets. The biggest God showdown was waged on  top of Mount Carmel. Baal’s prophets danced and sliced themselves up the whole day so that Baal will accept their bull offering. Nothing happened much to their dissappointment. Elijah on the otherhand, just took a few seconds of prayer and God promptly answered with fire from heaven.

Who wouldn’t be amazed? But there’s more!

Moments later, the same prophet that announced the draught, called forth the same God he worshipped and brought an end to the famine that spanned years.

Glorious moments. They ought to be celebrated.

Yet there are moments after a man reaches a high point in life – his highest yet – the lowest moments come later. After performing 2 simultaneous astounding miracles, Elijah was nowhere to be found. He ran away and hid inside a cave after learning that Jezebel issued orders to kill him. He began to fear for his life and hid from the public eye.
We can only assume what went on his mind after learning that he was being hunted down for bring fire from heaven and bringing the rain back. We can only assume why he ran away and fled. We can only imagine why he suddenly lost trust in God. I guess there are just times in people that when experience success and get to savor it, we get to experience a sudden drop.

FinishedDrawing from what’s currently happening, our family had been experiencing an ultimate high this week as our youngest sibling finally gets to graduate from college. Being the eldest and the current breadwinner of the family, it’s definitely something to celebrate about. It’s definitely a moment of success for all of us especially considering the number of families where all children get to finish undergraduate school in the Philippines is quite low. Add to the fact that in our clan alone, few families ever get to do it. What’s more of a proud moment for my parents was perhaps the fact that they did it on their own, with their blood, sweat and tears without seeking help from relatives abroad.

Then comes the biggest question, so what is happening now?

After getting caught up in the ecstasy of the celebrations, I now feel lost and empty – literally as in my wallet is empty! I am broke and purposeless. I once posted that I am at the crossroads. I have finished what my parents have told me to do upon graduating – let my siblings graduate. Now that it’s over, I am at a loss. What do I do now?

Elijah talked to God. In the lowest moments, he found God not in the whirlwind, the earthquake or in the storm. He never heard God in those big things. He found God as a still small voice. God never left Elijah. He was there. He just knows that He couldn’t show Himself in a scary overwhelming form that would bring more fear to the fleeing prophet. He became a still small voice – a voice of comfort and hope to Elijah.

Perhaps when life leads you to a cross road, you just have to wait for that still small voice. When you reach a cross road, remember the Cross.

I am waiting Lord. I am listening.



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