No Internet


There’s no internet in the house for more than a week now.

Actually there is, then there isn’t in a matter of seconds. I’m suspecting these are the signs of a dying modem but PLDT doesn’t seem to believe me. Heck, the modem is more than 5 years old!!

tiredI made the first call. It was a Wednesday, I don’t have work. The usual tests were made to check the connection. Nothing worked. The agent said they’ll have the problem solved after 24 hours.  Then came Friday, no technician came to our house. The same tests were done when I called. The agent said that their response time was from 24 to 48 hours. Sure!

168 hours later.

ln-s8281d-82--lcd-tvWednesday. I planned to go out and roam around but was stopped by my parents because the said technician would come. I called that morning to confirm. The agent said their technician was definitely coming sometime around after lunch. So I watched a movie, then another, and then another. After finishing all 4 Ninja Turtles movies and the first iron man movie, no technician came. I called twice that afternoon, and still got that promise of a technician coming.

None came.

Although I had things to make me preoccupied, the wait was actually daunting. Waiting always is like that.

We wait for different sorts of things. I wait for a lot of things. I wait for a reply from a good friend, I wait for happy moments, I wait for the Sabbath each week, I wait for love, among other things. Best of all, I’m waiting for Christ to come back.

188509_10150221889953849_822608848_9040611_6884270_nWaiting is the hardest thing to do on earth. Simply because people and circumstances around you tell you not to wait or the wait is not worth it or the wait is futile. In a world where everything is shortened or made instant, waiting has become more than unbearable, it becomes a struggle. Try to take a look around: commercials, advertisements, in all shapes and forms strive to tell you that you can get what you want fast and with no hassles.

Patience has become a myth so it seems – especially when you’re waiting for God.

jesus-second-coming-05People seemed to loose confidence in God because things that they hope for never happened. Yet God has thrown in a lot of examples of promises fulfilled in a time God has appointed. Abraham was given a son that became Israel today. The same Israelite nation reached the Promised Land some 40 years after escaping Egypt and wandering around the wilderness. Still the same Israelite nation was given several chances after failing to adhere to God and worship Him. They were also given the chance to rebuild their city after being captivated by Assyrians and other nations. Finally, Adam was given retribution some thousands of years after the fall of man when Christ died on the Cross. It was a long wait, but it was worth it. God fulfilled His promises. He’s not some technician whose promises to come never happened.

Now the ultimate promise is Christ will come back again. A lot of verses tell how it would happen and what would transpire before it, but none would pin point the exact date. Is it worth the wait?

Our forefathers did wait before us. Some hundred years ago, 1844 to be exact, a group of Christian believers lead by William Miller, a Bible scholar and Mathematician, believed that Christ would come back in October. This led to what is known as the Great Disappointment in Christian circles that sparked the formation of other Christian denominations.

Now it’s our turn to wait. It’s our generation’s turn and we’re not waiting for a technician, we’re waiting for our Savior. He’s no human being, He’s a God.

Are we still waiting?


Update: The internet was fixed today. Sunday. 2 1/2 weeks or 288 hours later. Hurray PLDT! And I was right, the MODEM was dying.


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