biyahero stage

I stopped writing about how my day went the day I started working. I really tried to develop the habit in college. Probably I lost it somewhere along the way while I was working. So this blog never contained any day by day account. But  I just couldn’t let this one pass. My mind couldn’t keep quiet about this. Tonight was the night I walked through memory lane.

mahaba-matulis 2004. 2nd year college. I stepped into a world I never thought I would enter. I never talked in school unless with close friends, I wouldn’t even participate in any classroom activity unless it was required and had a grade equivalent. It’s what any student would do. I would hesitate before standing in front of a crowd unless it was reporting something.

Yet here I was, sitting in a workshop for acting. Honestly, I couldn’t remember what brought me there, but I mustered all the courage I could to stay committed to it. After a month of experiencing hunger, loss of commitment, lack of funding and many other setbacks, I found myself acting in front of a very familiar crowd, my church mates and some students from the church college. They paid tickets and were expecting a good show. What made it scarier was the fact that this was a paid show. People are expecting their money’s worth of delivery. This is the first Estragel.

biyaheroI guess it went well. I also had the time of my life. If it didn’t I wouldn’t have joined the 2nd, 3rd and 4th editions of Estragel. Yes, in big and minor roles, I became part of all 4 Estragel plays ever produced plus a play called “Biyahero” in 2011. I couldn’t call myself a professional actor because I did all these with the sole motivation of worship. These were all products of Isang Sulok ng Bilog na Mesa Productions or Sulok, a production outfit composed of Adventist Christians who had the passion for theater.

9 years later.

2013. I found myself reading the script I memorized in 2004 in a Literary Night Sulok organized. I was once again the comic and anti-stereotypical devil who was pitted against the liberated angel. We kept on pushing for this suicidal young man to kill himself with a bottle of poison. I couldn’t believe that the script still existed. I thought it was already buried somewhere long lost and forgotten. Then here it was. And I was reprising my role. Faith, the counterpart angel was also reprising her role. I didn’t know how it happened but I guess everything flooded back to memory the moment I got on stage. The lines were once more familiar if not memorized. The comical jabs and insults kicked back in action. I was back where I started. Nostalgia!

Then there was “BC K B?” (Are you busy?) a stage road show that we did back in 2006. We used it to promote the Estragel Plays while at the same Picture-220time delivering a timely message for the busy people of this world. Again, I reprised my role as one of the three lead characters. The moment was indescribably. I was looking at the audience but was not seeing anyone in particular. I was acting and moving and lip synching but I didn’t care for how the people would react. All that really mattered was that the show was on going and that there was something I had to do. What really surprised me was the fact that I could still recall the minute details of the skit even if I haven’t done this for years. I still remembered every line, every musical cut, every hand gesture as if I had been doing this on a regular basis.

The best part of all was the realization that the family that was forged and started in 2004 was still there. Albeit with new faces, but the spirit was still there. The laughter was still there. The feeling that this was being done because we have a message to deliver was still there. The atmosphere that this was ministry and not something to make us famous was still ingrained within us.

I just hope that the message was delivered successfully.

This is probably a restart.

This is all for God’s glory.



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