When Will We Learn?


Experts say, and I don’t know if it is true, that a child should be exposed to a word more or less a hundred times before learning a word. The child should more or less hear the word, see the object and experience it to understand it. On the other hand, for some children with special needs, it takes more than a hundred. Sometimes it takes a thousand or a ten thousand times. Probably because some of them have behavior problems like shorter attention span and lack of eye contact and regard to the environment.

Whether that information is true or not, it’s amazing to think how long it takes for a child to learn a concept or a word. Whether a child has special needs or not, this information made me think further, how long would it take for an adult to learn a concept?

Would one exposure would be enough?

Or probably more?

🙂 🙂 🙂

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHow many times have you pulled a door with a “PUSH” sign?

How many times have you crossed the street on a “DON’T WALK” sign?

How many times have you thrown garbage anywhere?

How many times have you cheated on an exam even if you didn’t get caught?

How many times have you lied or stolen something or anything?

How many times have you done something crazy, stupid or just plain against the norms or the law?

🙂 🙂 🙂

How long is 40 years?

For some people, that’s a lifetime. People with Down Syndrome were said to have a life expectancy of around 40-60 years.

Still for others, that’s when life starts.

RH-WaldensesFor the Israelites, that’s how long it takes from Egypt to Canaan, the Promised Land. While the roads never changed, it still took those people a gruesome 40 years of travelling and wandering in the wilderness before they got to the land God set apart for them. Prior to starting out their travel, Moses, their leader, got there in a few days.

What happened?

Apparently God didn’t see them fit enough to inherit the land. They were people who kept on complaining and doubting that God decided to let them travel some more. After a generation passed, God saw them fit to inherit the land.

Imagine how long it took for them to learn and appreciate God’s undying love for them?

Not too long apparently.

220px-PaulasageA few years after conquering the Promised Land, they once more forgot about the God who saved them out of the land of bondage. They didn’t just fall once but countless times. Prophets rose and fell to remind them of God. When they were allowed to have Kings to rule over them, these supposedly God-chosen kings led them to sin. The Israelites of the Biblical probably heard the same message over and over and yet they couldn’t grasp it.

So much so that up until the coming of Christ, the person they have been waiting for all this time,  they lost track of the message God was trying to tell them and even rejected the man God sent to save them.

They were THAT difficult!

Now imagine yourself, how many times have you felt God calling you? How many times have God tried to make you closer to Him?

God is there and He loves you unconditionally.

Probably for an adult, it takes a life time or more than that to learn that simple concept.



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