There Are Wars

There’s trouble in Zamboanga. The usual story. Military troops versus “Islamic” rebels (sorry, I refuse to believe Islam is about war and I refuse to believe that they are Islam). Civilians were injured and caught in between the crossfire. The city has become desolate like some scenario from counterstrike only this time it’s real. It’s war out there and as all wars are, it’s for petty reasons that achieves nothing or proves nothing.

While everyone is making a fuss of this, here I am, sick.

doctor22I don’t know what this is. Maybe it’s flu virus or just a bad strain of colds. I don’t even know if it is contagious although someone who also has it and I guess it came from me. Sorry.

What I know though is that I think I have weak lungs. Whenever I get colds or cough it takes longer than the usual. This is the war that I have once or twice a year. Coughs, colds and flu. Probably it’s also a war that happens to most of us.

Like all wars, it is always ugly. Here’s one example.

High school wasn’t really a totally fun time for me especially the last year. Our class was in disarray. We were divided into factions. As far as I can remember, there was this department that had two separate events that required our whole class to join. One event was a speech-choir interpretation while another was a collage making competition. We need to have representatives for both events. At that time, it became a promising idea to divide and conquer. Half of the class would do the speech-choir interpretation while the other half would be busy with the collage.

Great idea!

AHSA few days before the speech-choir competition, the department mentioned that only those who joined the speech-choir would get merits. Outrage ensued among the collage-makers. To make matters worse, the other group wouldn’t take in new members.

Thus factions began.

With only a day before the competition, the collage-makers sought to prepare their own presentation. Thereby, giving our class two entries to the same contest. Over night, they decided to stay until midnight or even beyond just to rush the presentation and join the competition. Some of them with resentment against the other group.

STEVE-sickWhere was I? I was also feeling dizzy and feverish. That night the collage group was pushing it, I was being pushed too hard given my condition. I couldn’t stand up straight and my knees were wobbly. I had cold and cough much like what I have right now.

Normally, I wouldn’t run away. I would stick by them, but given my condition and the sickening condition of the class, I packed my bags and run. I didn’t care what they think of me. I didn’t care what the consequences would come out of this.

All I thought of was running away. I didn’t like the war inside of me as well as outside. I stayed home the next day with a almost 40 degree fever. I could even get up and I slept through most of the day. (I still sleep throughout the day though).

The next day. I discovered that none of our entries won. We were even scolded for sending two entries when there should have been one. I thought that was the end of it all, but the war just barely began.

None could recall those events though. Probably they became busy with their own lives and their own personal gains. Not everyone would be willing to join get togethers.

As all wars, they’re all ugly whether within each of us or around us. They all start petty and childish but end up gory and messy.

Such are wars.

Imagine the first war, the war to eat or not to eat, to obey or not. The man and woman forgot who was their master and decided to eat.

That started the war that exists until now.

“For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities,against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”

Ephesians 6:12



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