Look Up!


“Look here!”

He kept staring at the lights.

As if I wasn’t there. As if I was unimportant.

“LOOK HERE!” I pulled his head slowly but sternly until his eyes met mine. “What’s this?”

He went back to staring at the lights. Much to my dismay, he wasn’t done yet.


He began to wail and whine.

I tried again to get his attention. I was successful only for like 5 to 10 minutes before his head would shot up again at the lights. I was getting frustrated. He was obviously enjoying it.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor five years now, I’ve been used to those things. Me trying to tell a child that this is what you should learn but the child keeps on staring at lights, windows, aircon units and sometimes, even at nothing. Most of them needed focus. They are preoccupied looking at things around them that they fail to recognize the important things that they need to see.

We are actually more like these kids.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOne very memorable Sabbath afternoon, I found myself in a different church listening to a very riveting speaker. People may not actually be ready for what he has to offer, but I have read his materials years before he even began speaking. Our youth group in church even talked about it several times.

He spoke about conspiracy theories. About HAARP, about chemtrails, about other bunch of stuff that made doomsday preppers shudder to their bones, stock guns and food and run for their lives. Honestly, I am not skeptical at all. They are really possible and probable no matter how many superiors would deny these technologies.

Yet I don’t fully believe it.

Weird, huh?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhat I mean is that though I know and understand that these technologies are down right possible and could even be in operation right now, wouldn’t want to focus most of my attention on those things. I believe that they are true but I do not let my belief on these things scare me or trouble me for anything that it may ever do to me, my family, my loved ones or even to my country.

Sure, that might sound like a statement too bold to make but we all know that there will be trouble. We all know that there will be tribulations. We have been forewarned. Yet that does not mean that we need to keep those things from happening or shudder in fear and dig bunkers for our safety. By looking at these technologies, by looking at what’s bound to happen in the future, we become like those kids I handle looking at the light, the windows, the aircondition units, the doors or even at nothing.

Those things are nice to know and understand, but for me those are not the essentials. To me, those are merely tools to make the preparations faster. To me, those should fuel us to prepare our hearts and minds – not for the end, but for the beginning.

The most essential aspect of anything is to give importance to the Christ who died for us for our sins. To give importance on having that relationship with God because all those things will happen anyway whether we like it or not. We will all die sooner or later. This does not give us any excuses to party or have fun, instead it should give us a boost on establishing that closeness with God so as to lead a quality and Christ-like life.


Christ would definitely let us through those things. God would not allow us to suffer too much from those things. He promised us not just a good life, a better life or the best life. He promised us eternal life – a quality life that starts here on earth and resumes when Christ comes back to claim us.

Think of a drowning man. If you don’t swim well like I do, you’d really get the picture. A drowning man would not bother to know how deep the water is. He may or may not get to know it, but when in the water, that is not important. He does not care whether the water is clean or not. He does not even bother to look. A drowning man focuses more on the other man who will save him. His focus is more on his Savior rather than the mess he is currently drowning in.

In the same manner, we sinners must not lose focus on the Savior who has come to gather us. We may look at how deep the water is, how miry or how cold or how wide. Those things are nice to know and may aid in our survival in the water. Yet our focus should remain only in the Chrsit who has given us the lifeline and has prepared a shelter for all of us.

Look up not at the lights, but to the source of the light.

Focus on Christ. Focus on God.



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