The Empty House


Sherlock Holmes is dead.

At least that was the plan of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle back then. He got tired of the character that he decided he had enough. So he killed him off. He made his famous detective fall to his death. As simple as that.

And the house was empty.

PIC128 (1)One amazing thing about fiction, whether it’s a novel, a movie, a play or a TV series, is that you can easily kill off a character without remorse. You can have him fall down a cliff and die, or get stabbed by a poisoned nail cutter and die or get eaten by a huge 5-inch man-eating creature and die. The coolest, weirdest and most unforgettable I have read so far, is to fall in a mirror of nothingness and die. Any writer could be that creative in killing their character. You can easily shrug him or her off like nothing happened and the story goes on. You can easily forget them and no one will hold you accountable. After all they are just fiction.

After all, it’s just a story.

It cannot happen in real life.

Or can it?

Maybe. Maybe not.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn real life you cannot just forget. You cannot shrug off any person, event or place that has become a big part of your life. If something gets lost, disappears or simply fails, you simply cannot forget. There’s always emotiona fter it – whether you try to block it or ignore it, it’s still there eating you up from the inside.

Although I speak as if all hope is lost, I believe it is not. I firmly believe so because I am so. I see this year end with me being emptied out.

Yes, empty.

For this year I’ve struggled to achieve so many things in all aspects of my life. There were blessing, huge once and I am very thankful for that. But there are also failures and trials. I’ve seen most of the struggles fail right before my very eyes. Some of them I have seen before they even happen and I was paralyzed physically, mentally or emotionally to try and prevent it. Some of the failures was just affected by unpredicted chain of events.

I won’t go into details or else this would be a total rant post.And I don’t want that and whatever happened, there’s no way you could get it back.

100_9746Yet the whole point is, God allows you to be empty – to feel the void – in order for me, you or all of us to be filled anew. He allows us to fail, to fall down, to despair, to struggle, in order for us to see Him clearly. He allows all of this to happen.

Was it God’s fault?

I don’t think so. Most of the time, the reason things fall is because people, nature, or the environment happens. I refuse to believe that God would specifically want you to fail. I refuse to believe that God wants to send a storm surge to wipe an entire island or bandits or enemies to ruin our lives. It just so happens that enemies, bandits make their choice to live as bandits. It just so happens that nature is getting more violent as time goes by partly because of our disregard for the environment. Most importantly, sometimes, those things we wanted so badly become too big in our eyes that we could not see who gave them to us in the first place.

I believe that God weeps at all those times we failed. At all those times we become empty shells of our former selves. He did try His best to protect us, shield us from harm, give us all the possible opportunities, He even gave His Son for us in case we lose our temporal lives.

Still we remain empty.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYet we do not remain empty for long. We remain empty because God intends to fill us up. He intends to fill us up with Himself. We become fall down because He intends to give His arm for us to rise again. He intends to remove all obstacles in our face in order for us to see Him in all His glory. All those failures would remain failures if we could not respond to His helping hand to pick us up from the mess we’re in. We’re His kids after all.

Despite all the failures, we can maintain that there is hope. There is happiness, there is joy, it exists and it is there before us. We just need to meet and see the Giver of everything.

“All endings are beginnings.”

–   Mitch Albom , The Five People You Meet In Heaven

This is the end of the year God, I am all empty. I can’t wait to be filled up to the brim with Your Eternal love.

Praise God for a great 2013. Farewell, I’ve been blessed and I am thankful for all of the moments. God is always good.



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