Game Changers


I’ve watched Hunger Games for the second time.

I’m talking about the first movie. I never bothered to watch the second. Maybe next time.

Battle_royale_pochetteI’ve also seen Battle Royale before that and of course I could see all the similarities. THen there’s also Animal Farm, Lord of the Flies, To Kill a Mockingbird among other films and stories. They are all the same. In fact, this concept has been in existence since 1850s.

Notice that this concept has been derived from Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. In a nutshell, the fittest, strongest, most cunning and most adaptable can only survive. Others get eaten – or in the case of the movies, die. Simply put, if you are weak, incapable and incompetent, prepare to die. If you are strong, powerful and resourceful, you might have a chance to live. Also in the end, only one has to live and survive.

evil maniacShould these things really happen to people, the only victors are the evil maniac antagonist. I’d definitely side with them if I was to survive. They are the ones who are remorseless enough to eliminate everyone and use their cunning to lie, cheat and be victorious. Most films would depict them as that. They are rich, powerful or commanding a vast army.

Yet the movies themselves testify that this is not so. Spiderman is a weakling. Batman has no superpowers. The transformers are outsized and outnumbered. Superman is alone. The Avengers always argued.

You get the picture right?

These heroes and protagonist are not what you would call strong. In fact, the odds are actually against them. If it were true that the strongest survives, why do weaklings win in movies? What if the real rule of the game is not to come out on top as the lone winner? What if underdogs, weaklings are actually the winners?

From a Christian stand point, this could be true. This may not only apply to your spiritual life but to how we live our precious lives.

  1. Weak people are the survivors.

IMG_20140503_071908We are told that the least of the earth has more chances of reaching the kingdom of heaven. This means children, people with disabilities, and weaklings are the ones who have the advantage of meeting God face to face. The rich, the powerful, and the famous are at the back of the line.

This goes to show that you don’t have to be learned, rich or powerful to succeed. Underdogs – people who clearly seemed to have zero chance of surviving or even succeeding in life – occasionally end up as winners if given the right amount of opportunity and effort. Look at Temple Grandin, Sean Stephenson, and Nick Vujicic. They are people with obvious and near obvious disabilities yet their successes are larger than most of us.

  1. There are no lone rangers or sole survivors.

jesus-christ-sermon-mountJesus Christ came here to get disciples to work for him as their master and friend. He got people not just 12 men, but multitudes. Wherever he went, a mob was sure to follow him. He made friends. He talked to people. He made sure that they are well fed, are enjoying his company and are very much alive when he was around.

This supreme example tells a lot about leaving others behind to pursue our individual successes. While, it is true that there is nothing wrong with individual successes, our PhDs and six-figure salaries could only amount to so much. This surely outweighs touching lives and having a life changing connection with other people. Take the wealth and power out of the equation and you’ll see who is the real winner.

The idea is the more of you cooperating together, the more chances of survival.

  1. Being set apart is different from being indifferent to others.

wallsSure, the Israelites were the chosen people. They tried to maintain that pride by keeping away from other nations. They mostly kept to themselves. Yet all along the way, they keep on falling down on the wrong gods. Moreover, they even failed to influence their community thus instead of having allies, they had war all around them. This is true and is still happening today.

This brings the idea that we are to be different and away from other religious groups. Religiosity after all is not salvation. Salvation is only in Christ and His example. Thus, there should be no holds barred in making close friends and partners with other religious denomination or other people whose practices are very different from ours. This also includes atheists, agnostics and people whose stand on the existence of God differs from most of us. This also includes the lgbt community, the special needs community and many others who consider themselves a minority. As Christians we have no right to shun other people and think of ourselves as higher than others. We have no right to think that because we have a great doctrine, all the other denominations are lesser and are weaker. If we all remember, Christ never did that. He kept himself humble and sincere even to the lowest people of society in His time. His attachment was out of love and care not out of doctrine.

These and many other ideas change the true definition of success. If we think less of us being stronger than others, if we think less of being superior or inferior than others, then we could achieve a lot of success as a community.

Let us take away that idea of the strong dominating the weak, of the strong surviving in the end. The real game in life is not survival but cooperation.





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