There… and Back Again

So it has been a long time. In fact so many months have passed since I last posted anything. It has been so long, I forgot what it felt like. I forgot what it felt like to catch up on my personal  posting deadline. I have broken my routine of starting a write up by Saturday evening and finishing it before the weekends or spending the whole day off writing and musing on things.

Honestly I miss it.

I miss those readers who keep on checking my blog and commenting, reacting and following. I miss those compelling heart rendering stories I wrote months ago.

Not really. Few people ever read this much less comment on this. And no, I have not written any stories here.

So here I am writing again. Here I am trying to bounce back to the beginning and restarting. I am not going to pick up where I left off. Rather I wanted a fresh start. A fresh breeze is a welcome thought after everything that has happened to me in the past.

Everything else will still be here for throwback purposes. Just expect though that from here on out, things will have a more definite direction. There is a theme even if it doesn’t seem like it. Just figure it out.

Why am I doing this? I am not expecting a thousand readers or a thousand fans or the like. I am not that prominent. Even before, there were only handful close friends and relatives who took to reading this. I am doing this for personal purposes. Let out thoughts and ideas that clogged my brain for the longest time. I just needed release in an organized way.

So if you are reading this, I thank you. I do not expect you to agree with me or to get what I feel. I don’t expect you to find this entertaining. If you are put off by what I read, feel free to leave or move on to the next blog. I won’t care if you even blocked me from your lists.  I’m just writing here.

I was once manacled, maimed, restrained and chained. But I am still writing.


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