Signs Of Life

So everybody ever be buddies
Days we grew up are days we will treasure
Everybody show is beginning curtain has risen
Make your own storyline
Dream as if you will live forever
And live as if you’ll die today.


Picture this in your mind.

1360508245493351455A middle-aged man lies down on the hospital bed. Tubes are sticking out on every opening of his body. There’s a tube that pumps air to his lungs. A separate tube sticks out his throat for the pureed food that will be chugged down for his nourishment. Still another was placed on his arms for added nourishment, and for medicine. And still another could be found connected directly to his bladder when the need to empty his bladder is needed.

The man could neither wink nor blink. He could not even open his mouth. The only sound comes from one of the machines all around him. His heart is still beating. His lungs are still taking in air. His pulse is faint but still there.

He is still alive.

Here’s another middle-aged man.

busy_man_275He wakes up each morning at exactly 6:45 AM. Gets out of bed and brushes his teeth. He takes a shower and prepares for work. Along the way, he buys a sandwich for breakfast at the only shop outside his apartment – he gets the same sandwich each day. He goes to the bus stop and catches the 7:45 AM bus to his office. He works until 12noon. Eats another sandwich for lunch and returns to work at 1PM. He exits the office at 5PM and promptly braves the rush hour traffic to reach his apartment at 7PM. He watches TV until 8PM and goes to sleep.

Then the same thing happens each working day. On weekends, the work is replaced by church and doing that extra work he brought home. But these happen at exactly the same time. The routine continues each day.

Is he still alive?

Which would you rather be?

Most of us wanted to have the good life. We want to have that dream job. We want to land that high promotion. We want to have a new house, a new car, a nice office.

We want to live the good life.

So we work our butts off. We take overtimes and double shifts. We use up our weekends to finish that report that will land you that big promotion – even if you can do it in at work.

Yet in the process we forget to really live life. We think that once we achieve these “successes” we can finally be happy. We can finally settle and rest. Only to realize that by the time we have achieved these, we are too old to ever do anything that we want or we are too sick to bother exploring.

We need to breathe once in a while. We need to be alive.

Here’s what you are missing.

You missed seeing the beautiful sunrise outside your window had you not been busy preparing for work.

You missed hearing the chirping birds on the roof tops across the street if you were not to keen on listening to your voicemail.

You missed appreciating the blooming flowers in the park if you only took the path across it to the bus stop.

You missed seeing the beautiful smile of that random stranger on your bus if you were not too busy reading your emails.

You missed seeing the old man and woman walking past you while holding hands. They would have offered you a hug if only you were not in a hurry.

You missed seeing that jolly laughter of the baby across the street. You should have been that person who made her laugh.

You missed feeling the grass, sand, rocks, leaves, mud and pavement on your feet if only you took the time to go out on that weekend.

You missed out on the free passes to the museum, the free open-air concert and the dancing fountains at the park, and the life-time supply of wind by the bay. If only you went out on that Sunday.

You missed out on that true and loyal friend that you should have met if you were not busy talking to your boss on the phone.

Don’t miss out on life. Live. Breathe.

You’re just here for a while.

Dream as if you will live forever
And live as if you’ll die today.



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