Dead Connections Part 2


As a matter of personal opinion, humans could never have evolved from animals. Sure some people may have the likeness of apes or horses or frogs or prunes, but they couldn’t have evolved from these animals.

Tell that to your brain.

Our brain sets us apart from all the animals. We may share similar structures but ours function better than all of them. Animals may have the capacity to learn stuff, but theirs are very limited. Mankind has even replicated how his brain analyzes stuff and put it in inanimate objects.

Top that, monkeys!


As our brain learn new things, the brain gets rewired and reconnected. The cells that make up the brain called neurons fire messages to all parts of the body so that  we could have a coordinated movement.

Remember that first time you learned how to ride a bike (wait, I don’t know how to ride a bike!!) or drive a car (I somewhat don’t know that!!). You fell down a lot, made so many mistakes and got hurt a lot. That’s your brain trying to rewire your whole body to coordinate the pedals with your balance and your eyes or your hand to the gas and breaks. Same thing happens to babies, and toddlers who are beginning to walk, talk and eat – so much mess, falls and crying. Once you have learned the entire process, riding a bike or driving a car becomes so automatic as long as you continue learning.

The neurons that make up the brain communicate with each other in order for you to learn those activities. As the neurons communicate more, their connections become stronger. This process is called blooming according to neurologists.

This from your amazing brain!

There is a strong connection when you communicate more often.

This goes in the same way with your relationships with other people.

Just think about it. In a room full of people, who will you approach? Who will you sit beside? Who will you talk to first?

Among the criteria, you’re more than likely go to the person you talk to the most. Whether it’s an old classmate you haven’t seen for a while, a former or current workmate or a close friend, you will most likely approach any of them instead of a total stranger.

I know because I do.


During the seminar, I came in late. (nothing new with that!)

The room was already packed with people and place was almost full. Seats were hard to find. I looked around and found a seat beside my colleague-workmate.

I actually found it funny because I saw my batch mates there. They were grouped together up front. I saw my upper class buddy but she was with her friends.

It wasn’t a hard decision considering my colleague was alone. She was sitting near the back where I am most comfortable. And, we have more shared experiences at work than the other groups that I should be inclined to sit with.

No offense to them. They are friends. They can sympathize when you are down. They can offer sound and good advice at any given moment. Yet our shared experiences have been cut since we graduated college. I would more likely relate to someone I have been talking to the most at a more recent time.

More communication, stronger connections.

See what I did there?

I told you the seminar was great!


The brain’s activity seems to mirror the society we live in. This is no wonder because I believe that whether you think at the micro, the macro or the universal view of things, evidence of Someone who created order and coordination of everything around us. A higher being – a Creator –  did all of these things. 

Look around.

You will see.

Even monkeys will definitely agree.

(See what I did  there?)


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