Shouts to the Sky

Some of the things that make me happy.
Some of the things that make me happy.

Who or what makes you happy?

Personally, sweets make me happy. Cookies, brownies, milk tea, cake. You name it, it makes me giddy with happiness. Good food also makes me happy. Pizza, pasta, salads, burritos – whatever food it is, it makes me happy. A good book makes me happy. Gadgets make me happy. Travelling to new places makes me happy. Being with friends makes me happy. Seeing a loved one makes me happy and the list goes on.

My clients also have the same concept. They are happy if they get candy, stickers, stamps on their hands, playing time or even just a high five or a clap. Their source of happiness is often times amusing.

How about you? Who or what makes you happy?

The modern world is telling us that these things will make us happier. Getting big expensive things, experiencing new things, going to new and bizarre places, getting to know new people and, most deceptively, meeting the One! We have become more materialistic and more reward centered that we don’t know what happiness really means.

But what if these things disappear? What if these people disappear? What then?

guiltWe feel depressed, heartbroken and out of sorts. We’ll feel the life seeping out of our body little by little. It’s like there’s nothing else that will make us any happier. We’ll feel that nothing is interesting anymore that though a flying elephant or a white crow comes out of nowhere, it won’t be exciting. It’s as if even if a giant whirlwind will come and take you away or great earthquake comes and bury you in the ground and end your life, you wouldn’t even care.

Sounds familiar? Am I describing you?

Yes this is you. This is me. And this is also Adam, Abraham, Jacob, Esau, Moses, Elijah, Joseph, Job, Peter, Paul and even Jesus Christ!

That feeling of despair, depression, sadness, desperation, anxiety, stress, tribulation, and whatever else you may call it is a sign of humanity’s fall. It shows that as humans we are weak and vulnerable to these emotions.

So how can you be happy? How can you experience joy? How can you revive yourself from this “death”?

Science has unveiled studies wherein we could experience real happiness – real joy! With new discoveries in the way  our brain works, science has now found out what is the best activity or exercise to maintain that joyful and jubilant attitude.

Both tell us to follow God’s will for us.

Say what?

God’s will for us is for us to be totally happy. God’s ultimate will is not for us to follow a set of laws or tenets but rather live a happy life. God’s ultimate will for us is our happiness.

Always be joyful. Never stop praying. Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Science and the Bible both agree on the point that to achieve lasting and total joy in your life, you need one key. You need an attitude of gratitude. This is a deeper and richer feeling than thanksgiving. Gratitude is not just a feeling – it is a lifestyle.

Sure, there may be times that you think that cannot see, feel or touch God. There are times when God may seem so distant that we couldn’t get ourselves to thank Him because we felt that He was never really there. It’s really sad but a lot of people totally abandon God in those instances.

However, in those instances, we may not really realize it but God has given us people and circumstances that could be and are the answers to our prayers. God has given parents, friends, lovers, beloved, relatives and even total strangers to touch and influence us to reconnect back to Him. These people offer a love and care that absolutely must have come from God. God has allowed us to walk into instances, events and circumstances to change us completely. These may not be the best of events, but they are life-changers.

Showing gratitude and reciprocal love to these people allows us to make God’s work in us complete. It allows God’s will for us to happen. Happiness and joy will surely follow.


It’s actually hard to describe. So check this experiment instead:

Do you believe it?


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