The Real Christmas Story


In a few hours’ time, greetings will be sent and received if they have not begun yet. In a few hours’ time, gifts and blessings will be given and received if they have not yet happened. In a few hours’ time, merriment and feasting will occur in honour of the season.

But before anything else, here’s a story.

20141221112119_1I finally got my planner from a famous coffee shop. It was a startling blessing how I got it.

I was in line to buy my second to the last drink to get my planner. I was asking the details when behind me, someone said, “If you want, why not get the stamp from what my wife will purchase?”

“Really? Are you sure sir?” I said.

“Sure, let’s take the good out of Christmas!” He said.

So I got my planner from the kind sir and madam.

They took the good out of Christmas.


NativityIt’s funny how we think of Christmas as a great day – something to be remembered with joy and happiness. If only we go back to the Bible and read what really happened, we will discover the following truths:

  1. Mary was supposed to live in shame for having a baby without a husband.
  2. Joseph was struggling if he should pursue marrying Mary after knowing that she is having a baby without a husband.
  3. Both hesitantly but faithfully carried on their wedding even if there were social stigma present.
  4. Joseph had to walk all the way to Bethlehem.
  5. Mary had to travel while pregnant all the way to Bethlehem (not accurate if she rode all the way or walked)
  6. If she walked, then it was an inhumane feat.
  7. If she rode a donkey, still superhuman to carry a baby on a bumpy ride to Bethlehem.
  8. Jesus had an unsanitary birth if he was born in a manger.
  9. The magi (I still refuse to believe there were only three) had to endure the narcissism and power greedy Herod.
  10. God sent His son to earth as a human (that’s the biggest struggle of all!)

Christmas or the birth of Christ as we celebrate it is actually not a time of joy for its cast and characters. Everyone had struggles to bear on that day which makes our merriment kinda weird.

Of course, the world is celebrating the first coming of Christ, even if it wasn’t the exact date; it is a way for us to remember God. The point is, God has given us His only Son and His purpose was to save sinners like us. We must remember though the struggle of everyone on this day, and remember also the struggles afterwards.

The struggle afterwards is actually our struggle – the battle of good and evil in our lives. We live this kind of life and Christ came down to experience the same. The only difference is He ended up victorious and died so that we may achieve victory as well. So as we remember Christ’s birth, don’t just think of the baby, think of the man and what He has done for you and me.

Let us take the good out of Christmas by knowing not just whose birth is being commemorated but also His life and purpose. Let your faith not just exist on this day, but every day.

Merry Christmas.



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