A Video Game Kind of Life


Years back, it has become a bonding moment among my cousins to play LAN games on a computer shop before our family reunion ends (most of us don’t or rarely play those games). Now, it seems like a faint memory. Most of us have jobs now and family reunions are just moments to sit, talk and play with nephews and nieces. Old age seems to be catching up.

Isn’t it nice to be in video games?

In video games:

You get use things that are too expensive for you.

You get to use things that are out of this world.

You can talk to anyone anywhere without the social stigma.

You can point a gun or a sword and not be imprisoned.

You can do anything illegal or immoral without the fuss.

You can run over anyone with a car and realize it is fun.

Evil can be defeated by your bear hands

You get a do over once you died.

Aren’t video games the coolest thing ever? Or not.

You do realize that if we are living in the video game world:

Everyone will be a hero.

Everyone gets a chance to kill, maim and mutilate others

Everyone is the law and can do whatever they want.

Kidnapping, carjacking and many other crimes are normal.

There will be over population since you’ll just respawn when you die.



vaderDarth Vader in his last moments died a hero. Although, he did become the epitome of evil in most of the films, he wasn’t always evil. He didn’t just get a do over, good just won over. At the last moments he had the power struggle: save his son and destroy everything he has accomplished so far, or kill his master and rid evil once and for all. He decided to save his son.

Whichever you look at it, the events were purely fictional, yet the concept is true.

We are Vader. We are evil. Our thoughts and actions are always littered with impurities no matter how hard we try to cleanse them. And, no matter how hard we cleanse them, there is just no way we could ever come clean. The struggle of Darth Vader is always there.

Thus God told us to repent.

“Repent then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord.”

Acts 3:19

Repentance means to turn away from any pleasure or entertainment sin may have promised us and accept the love and forgiveness that God is offering. To repent is to turn away even if it means we are going to topple everything we have done in our life so far. If you have accumulated wealth, power or position and have become too engrossed in it, repentance is turning away from all of it.

Blue_Brain_34sizeThe struggle that you have is real no matter how you think of Vader as fiction. The power struggle in his head is the same good versus evil battle going on in each of us. What’s amazing is that as soon as we choose evil, God has ways to win us over and go back to good.

This is what God wants us to do. We may be the most hard bellied criminal, yet he will wipe off our sin and give us a clean slate. Repentance allows God to hand us a clean slate and allow us to have a fresh start. Just like in video games, we can start our lives anew and this time live in accordance to God’s will and love.

Sounds easy right? Not really.

Try and you’ll see.

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