Just Look Closely

photo by jpgmag.com
photo by jpgmag.com

If they all go off at the same time, expect to lose sleep. So much for a new year!

So here I am, annoyed by the noisy kids outside. They couldn’t help but blow those horns and play those firecrackers. So much for rest!

Their horns by the way look more like the vuvuzuelas used during the football matches. Loud but does not require blowing. Did I say annoying?

A few years back, we used trumpets with colourful feathers. It comes in various sizes. We would buy one for each of us and blow our lungs out until our lips get numb or until the trumpet broke. Most of the time, the latter happens first.

The trumpet was actually a work of genius. It was made of a small bamboo tube covered with a thin film on top. When you blow on it, it makes a shrill sound. It is then wrapped with old film (camera films) tube to give it shape. The film is then connected into a cone made of plastic or cardboard to make the trumpet louder and more annoying.

Now you know how my trumpets get broken easily.

You don’t see those anymore probably because the film cameras are extinct or perhaps the bamboo get swallowed easily by small kids. Whatever the reason, there’s less of those kinds of trumpets.

The contraption actually works the same way as our voice. The vocal chords are actually small and almost insignificant. It doesn’t make a loud sound but when connected to tubes like your pharynx, nose and mouth, the sound amplifies and the sound becomes louder and equally annoying if you talk often.

See the pattern. There is almost always is if you just look at it very closely.


20141227120832Recently I met new friends when I went out on an outreach mission. It was not my first time, but it was the first time in a long time to be a participant and not an organizer of such event. Most of the time during the trip, I even catch myself overpowering the coordinator. But that’s for another matter.

During the trip, I couldn’t say that I have met friends for life. Maybe, probably, but three days together on a mission couldn’t make you that close for a long time. Eventually you will part separate ways when the exhilaration of the mission wears off. Eventually, you will walk your own paths with just an occasional “Hi” or a “hello” now and then.

They are not your enemies. In fact, you are still friends but the shared experiences have been limited only to the time spent together. Thus the more experiences you gain alone and the more experiences you do not share with them, the less familiarity – the less you know them.

There are those who will stay for long, of course. They are the ones you often communicate to. Daily or weekly communication allows you to bond better and make your relationship deeper. I think the principle is the more time together, and the more communication amongst each other makes the friendship deeper.

Look back at any of your friends, group mates, or even loved ones. You will see the pattern.

In the same way, you can actually realize who Jesus is in your life the more times you get along with Him. He may not be seen, or heard or felt, but the more time you spent talking to Him and studying His word, the more closer and more Christ-like you become. The more you realize that He is there, and the more you realize that you need Him, the more you will appreciate His life, death and resurrection. Still more, you will learn to appreciate that you needed a Savior.

Satisfaction in God is realizing that you were meant to glorify God. That is, despite being sinful and inadequate, you were still given a clear path by the Father through His son. The more you communicate to them, the more you spend time with them, the more your relationship and satisfaction with the Father goes deeper and more lasting.

See the pattern there? Try it!



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