I long to see that sea of clouds!

My legs are itching to climb again.

I wanted to see and explore those mountains again.

OK, that and I am beginning to look overweight once again and I really need the work out. But man, that sea of clouds is such a beauty! I really wanted to see it again and experience it. The best part is when you have been filled with awe after the rough and tumble of climbing the mountain.

Soon. Maybe. Hopefully.

I really love mountains more than beaches. I love the wind rushing past my face as I stare at the wonderful sunrise behind the peaks or that wonderful view of the civilization down below. I love the cold but sometimes unpredictable weather that comes when you reach the heavens. I love the crunching leaves underfoot, the piercing sharp blades of grass and the lush greens all around. More importantly, I love staring at the sky – clouds in the morning and the whole starry hosts at night.

That’s one lovely sight to behold!


While I did say I have more preference for mountains, I don’t really hate going to the beach once in a while. I am just hesitant because I am more confident with my walking feet than with my swimming limbs.

But when I do get close to the sea, I love staring at the horizon. The endless line with silhouettes of ships and various crafts make you wonder what’s beyond.  It gives you the sense of endless freedom and imagination.

Another lovely sight to behold!

The unlimited stars and the endless movement of the clouds, makes me want to reach out and dream some more. That’s the same effect the horizon gives me. Somehow, it’s as if God is calling out and is telling me about His immeasurable vastness. God reaches out and tells how unlimited his love is.

That’s His idea of love.

His love allows you to wake up each morning with a sure sunrise and a sure meal. His love allows you to make sure you have something to do and something to live for. His love allows you to laugh, smile and enjoy life. His love gives you opportunities to cry, weep and wail and learn from all of those mistakes. His love can make you angry, clueless or weak but can also make you strong, wilful and forgiving. Over and over again, He manifests His love in countless ways.

Yet God does not forget a single one of them. And the very hairs on your head are all numbered. So don’t be afraid; you are more valuable to God than a whole flock of sparrows.

Luke 12:6-7

His love makes you valuable enough to sacrifice His son on the cross. You are that precious to Him and that is how unlimited His love is. It is unlimited beyond the horizons and more than the stars in the galaxy.

That’s the best sight ever!



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