IMG00129-20120909-0922 As this is being posted, I am already 811 meters above sea level. This was a trip long delayed. The coming of the pope made this a reality. I’ll add some pictures soon.

In the meantime, what’s the craziest thing you did for love?

We could talk about couples. A man proposed to a woman in weird and, often, inappropriate ways. A young boy doing everything it takes to be with the woman he loves. Those are what comes to mind when that question is asked.

Here’s a crazy idea.

tumblr_ndga73Rzyf1tb8uooo1_500In 1995, the coming of Pope John Paul II was a attended by more or less 4 million people. Flash forward 2015, the coming of Pope Francis is expected to beat that record. In fact, the moment he arrived, the people already weathered the elements to be there.

*update: the record was beaten. 7 million people were present when this was posted.

I am not a Catholic but belonging to a predominantly Catholic country, you’re bound to be amazed at the devotion of these people. While I could write a lot of negativities about this, I know for a fact that for my beliefs to be respected, I also ought to respect other people’s beliefs as well. Their devotion must be real. In fact, I already grew tired of seeing Facebook posts about the pope from my friends. But it is all over the place that I cannot help but be updated. And they surely love their Pope and whatever he stood for even to the point of standing and waiting in a long queue or pushing amidst a crowd.

That’s crazy right?

But that’s still not the craziest thing any person has done for love.

I think from what I heard, the craziest thing done for the sake of love is when a person decides to empty everything he has, all his joys in the world in exchange for a love that remains unrequited. A person has decided to give everything for the sake of love.

For the record, no man or woman has done that.

I tried that too but I guess I’m not that loving enough. But God did.

God is crazy.

God is crazily in love with all of us that He decided to empty all of heaven for our sake. He decided to give up His own son for our sake. He didn’t come as a pope with armed guards and security. He didn’t come with a huge crowd waving and taking pictures of Him. He came as a simple man who was tortured and spat on. He came as a simple man with not even his own house or even a donkey to travel with. He was on foot and lived among beggars, prostitutes and drunkards. God’s love was so great to us that He traded His son whom we have treated so poorly. He gave up His son to die for all of us so that we could be come to Him as His people.

Live a life filled with love, following the example of Christ. He loved us[a] and offered himself as a sacrifice for us, a pleasing aroma to God.

Ephesians 5:2

Imagine that! He is crazy!

Crazy in the eyes of the world but I want to serve this kind of craziness. I serve a crazy God and I am not ashamed of it. That’s His love and His nature. He has chased me through all everything just to get me to love Him.

That’s not the end though.

When the time comes, hopefully anytime at this generation, His son will come back and claim us to be with Him. His son will come back and people will definitely crowd not toward Him but away from Him because common sinful man could not handle the glory of the divine.  He will not be like the pope, or any priest or pastor or reverend. He will come as God with the heavens opening up and all eyes seeing the spectacle out of awe and fear.

When that time comes, I hope that I am ready to be crazy with Him because I serve a crazy God.



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