“You do not know, perhaps, how strong we are. Maybe you have heard of Trolls? They are mighty strong. But Trolls are only counterfeits, made by the Enemy in the Great Darkness, in mockery of Ents, as Orcs were of Elves. We are stronger than Trolls. We are made of the bones of the earth. We can split stone like the roots of trees, only quicker, far quicker, if our minds are roused!”

– Treebeard

While fictional, the Ent’s explanation roughly mirrors the “mockery” that is happening in the real world. In their world, Trolls were mockery of Ents, as Orcs were of Elves, as Goblins were of Dwarves and as Gollum is to the Hobbits. For humans, there’s the Nazgul and many other darker creatures. For everything positive and seemingly good, their enemy has a counterfeit mockery. This concept is not different from the real world. The only difference is that their corruption is on kindred and races, in our world the corruption appears in perceptions, concepts and ideals.

Here’s how:

from friends to loversA friend recently commented the sad state of affairs of most of his friends. According to him almost 9 out of 10 of his friends who are in a relationship broke off after months or years of being in one. Couples split up. What made it worse are their reasons for splitting. They simply said that the feeling is gone. Love has expired. Love is gone. Love has been relegated into just a feeling that passes. A whim. A passing fancy. An emotion.


A few months back, there was a rage in TV and movie plotlines. I don’t know how it started but people have been talking about the The Other Woman, The Legal Wife, and many others. Some would add elements like a gay lover or a hot younger woman but the mockery is the same. Marriage has been relegated to a feeling that when things are not going well, you try to find an alternative partner. While this is not the first time, and perhaps not the last, people are so into this kind of perversion.


Obviously, there is no human way to counteract these mockeries in the same manner that evil in the Lord of the Rings was never really eradicated. If you consider the books and most of the timelines, evil just hides and bides its time until it is strong enough to resurface. This is because this world, the media and society is always telling us to look at ourselves. Love yourself, think about yourself, trust no one but yourself, follow your dreams, etc. But those lead to disappointments and failures.

Yet there is a crazy guy who knows and can give us the answer.

No, he is not Gandalf.

The real answer is the source: God.

godsloveGod wants us to look only at Him and trust only Him. That way life becomes happier even if there are conflicts and problems. It is actually kind of hard to understand. He offers an unconditional love that we do not understand. He offers a kind of love that not only shows Him as the real source of love but also one that overflows to other people. He offers a kind of love to us fallen beings who have embraced the mockery and corruption in this world.

Kinda weird.

“I don’t believe in unconditional love. In fact, I think it’s unwise. My love has had a condition that if ever my love keeps you from you, from your growing, and realizing your personal potential, then I must step aside. No one has the right to stand in the way of another’s joy, development, or unique perceptions.” – Leo Buscaglia

God’s love is unconditional in a sense that there is nothing that can stop Him from loving us and nothing we can do in return would affect that. He, in fact, does not require that you love Him back. He loves even those who do not love Him which to us humans is really crazy.

How can you love without getting benefits from it?

That’s us humans talking. Our perception has been marred by the world we live in that we cannot comprehend a concept of unconditional. We all think that when you give something, you get something in return. Love begets love as respect begets respect. God on the other hand does not operate like that. He loves and loves some more without expecting you to love Him back.

See that?

He is that crazy.

He is that crazily in love with you.

He is love after all.


On a personal note, this month, I have tried to find out why God is love and why He truly cares. I could not find any reasons. What I found were examples and promises and illustrations of His love. I was not able to find reasons but found His qualities. He is love after all. There are no reasons for His love because He is just is.


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