This month’s issue is all about events that has happened before from the perspective of the organizers. How socio-spiritual events were not really controlled or organized by the organizers but by the God they serve. This is a recollection of everything from the past. Hopefully it can teach us a thing or two about God’s love.

Everything was set.

The sound system was cranked up.

Balloons and lanterns filled up the entire hall.

The mood was festive if not mildly romantic.

Colourful pieces of paper with names of everyone who will come are inside separate jars – one jar for male participants, the other one for female. The objective was each one would pick a paper from the jar with the names of the opposite sex. The name you picked will be your date for the night.

1911849_10152190609337510_1574078344_nThe program was ready. A devotional was supposed to precede all activities. This was not just a social event after all. God must come first. Then there were games – 4 games in all to encourage everyone to get to know each one. The set up was given the opportunity for everyone to meet someone new with hopes that there might be a potential partner in the mix. Couples were also part of the games to see how well they know their partners.

It’s kinda fun and romantic really.

The food was also ready. The special caterer gave the best but most affordable buffet available. Wonderful aromas already filled the hall as they were setting up. The drinks were simple – water and juice. There was no need to be drunk in here, this was not a party. This was a banquet.

Like every event, this was set to be the perfect event – fun, organized and memorable.

Everything was set.

The committees came on time.

The over-all coordinator was already by the door.

Everything was set but there was no one at the hall. But the hall was without a soul.

What happened? Was it the venue? Was it the place? Was it the food?

We just didn’t know.

The committees exchanged looks of disappointment and shame. They invited a lot for this event. They even came early to prepare everything. Where were all the people?

Maybe they were just late? We should wait for them.

534104_10152190609052510_575632604_nIn the meantime, the head coordinator was almost in tears. She swallowed hard and tried to hold back the tears. She made sure that everything was up to expectation and this was quite unexpected. Where were the people?

She ran into a corner. The far side of the hall. Knelt down and began to pray.

God, what did we do wrong? We did all we can to have this banquet in your honor. We did all we can. Can you do something about it? This is your event anyway. So what happened? Fill it up with people please. Amen.

Half an hour later, one person came. He was in his best suit. He heard of the banquet and had nothing to do so he came. He didn’t expect that he was the first to arrive.

Then a couple came. They were just down stairs finishing their ice cream.

Then a group of people came. They got lost along the way. Their driver took the wrong turn and was almost stopped by the police for it. Thankfully they were only given a warning.

Then another group of couples came. They had trouble convincing their friend’s parents into allowing their daughter to join. They had to be driven by the said parents to the event.

An hour later the hall was packed with people. The games were reduced to only two with other aspects of the program neglected due to lack of time. Yet everyone still enjoyed and had a good time.

This was the Youth Ministries’ banquet.



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