Plot Line

There comes a time when you aspire to be a writer but run out of things to write. This is one of those. Here’s something unfinished written sometime last week. The other half will be posted anytime this week. There will be no photos here.


Langley and Company Limited Headquarters.

The office door suddenly burst open. In came two burly men with several sheets of paper in their hands. Both of them wore suits and were important looking.

“Mr. Langley, sir!” said one of the men. “We have drafted our proposed regulations for our building.”

“Good work Mr. Thaddeus,” said Mr. Langley and with a curt nod turned to the other guy, “Mr. Larkin. I’m sure Langley and Company Limited will profit more from this expansion. Leave them to my desk. I’ll review them.”

The other man called Mr. Larkin tried to interject. “But sir, this shouldn’t wait! The future of our company is at stake!”

“You are right, sir, but where is Mr. Neal? He needs to be here for this momentous event!” said Mr. Langley. The CEO of the growing business didn’t see the glances and smirks exchanged by the two men.

Mr. Thaddeus answered, “Ah, Mr. Langley, Mr. Neal seems to be busy right now, right Larkin?”

Mr. Larkin hesitated, “Ahm, yes, I guess it would be his wish to get this signed immediately.”

“OK! If that is the case, here’s my…  whoa! wait… no outside dealings? What do you mean by this?”

“Well, sir,” said Mr. Thaddeus.  “We figured that for our company to grow bigger, we need to avoid contact with other institutions that jeopardizes the company, right Larkin?”

“Yes, yes. Mr. Langley, we need to avoid transactions that create little to no revenue for us. If our money keeps flowing out while nothing gets in, then it’s like a huge leak in our ship, Sir. We’re as good as drowned.”

“Right! Right! That makes perfect sense at all! How about this one: prioritizing company activities above all. What does this mean?”

“I think Mr. Thaddeus can answer that.” Mr. Larkin said.

“Ah yes! We need to have extra day of work once in a while. If we want to make our company bigger we need to exert more effort, thus add more days of work.”

“Hmmm…. What about rest? Work-life balance?” inquired the CEO.

“Well, there’s always a company outing once a quarter. That’s enough R and R for everyone.”

“I see. I think this is good enough. I’ll sign it now. Once I did, prepare to announce it to all employees and make sure that this is carried out immediately.”

Both were prompt in their reply. “Yes sir!”

Congratulations and shaking of hands went around among the three businessmen. The two proponents of the new regulations were actually pleased by their accomplishment. Their boss seemed dubious but was quick to shrug it off until actual problems would arise.

Why do these two seem so happy? Thought Mr. Langley. There must be something behind all of this. I need to review these regulations later. “Very well gentlemen, it is now signed. Now I’ll leave both of you. I have an important lunch engagement today.”

“Take care sir.”

“We’ll see you later sir.”

The CEO left immediately. He was already late for his lunch engagement. The moment the doors of the office closed, both men who were left in the room burst out laughing.

“HAHAHAHA! Well done Mr Larkin! We have now gotten rid of Mr. Neal!”

“Same to you Mr. Thaddeus! I believe after a few weeks, we’ll be co-CEOs of this company!”


St. Strobius Orphanage Parking Lot.

Meanwhile, in some other part of town, Mr. Neal just got out of St. Strobius Orphanage. He was glad that he was able to help all of those kids.

“Mr. Neal, please don’t forget to thank Mr. Langley for his kindess. Tell him it’s from all of us.” The orphanage head said.

“Yes ma’am! I’ll tell him immediately.” Mr. Neal replied. “This was a huge blessing from God. Last week it was the school for the poor. Now it’s the orphanage.”

“Take care Mr.Neal!”

“You to Mrs. Holland!”

He went to his car and sat there for a while. He opened his smartphone and checked his email. He was shocked at what he saw.

4:00 PM Friday,

Langley and Company Limited Headquarters.


That very same day, memos were sent out to all company employees. The employees were shocked at the gravity of the consequences but all had no choice but to follow. Some were squeamish.

“What about their weekend plans?” said one employee from communications.

“Well, you’ll just have to cancel!” said Mr. Thaddeus

“But what about our family days?” said another from the HR.

“Man, there are two days on a weekend. We’re just taking one and a half. You can have your family days after work.” Said Mr. Larkin.

“Now get back to work everyone!” scolded Mr. Thaddeus. “We’ll see you tomorrow.”





“Mr. Neal, you have been found out!”

“What did I do? I just did the best for the company. I didn’t squander the money! I donated to charity!”

The police were already waiting for Mr. Neal that next day. It was discovered that he has been using the name of the company to make donations to certain orphanages and institutions. With the change in policy, this act was noted to be illegal. It was also discovered that he didn’t show up for the mandatory work schedule that Saturday.

“Mr. Langley! Please! I did what was for the best interests of the company!”

“I am so sorry Mr.Neal. I signed that new company policy. I didn’t know that it was specifically targeted against you. If only I had known!”

The police took Mr. Neal away. He was


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