Love’s Eyes Part 1

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This is not your typical story. If you are looking for a typical one maybe you need to look elsewhere.

Once upon a time, a long time ago, in a faraway land there lived a young woman. This young woman was like most young women of her age. She loved to dream and wish of a young man who would be her other half. This woman had a longing for true love.

eiraLike most women her age, she wanted to be prepared for this moment. After all, women during her time do not go about chasing men. They had to wait for someone to find them and marry them. So this young woman tried to cut the waiting short. From one man to another she lay down and bared her all. In the end, she was into it for the joy of the love-making. She found a different high, and a different emotion to the love-making. She became a prostitute. To her dream of love was still there but this seemed a more lucrative enterprise. It pays more and is more exciting. After all, illegal things are often more exciting than the right things, right?

Yes, it was illegal.

Yes, it was fun.

So we try to push what we think is actually right, but sometimes we had to learn it the hard way. So one day she was caught in the act. The police found her with a new customer as they were in the act. It was night, it was dark, and they thought no one was watching. Apparently the customer was also in on the operation. She was set up.

She was dragged out, beaten, and brought in for trial. In those days, prostitution was a major crime punishable by death by stoning. She was brought before the court. She tried to plead. But she was just slapped. She just knelt there in front of the judges. She could not do anything. Here she was – a nobody – judged and sentenced to die.

guiltBowed and broken, she pleads to what higher powers beyond men. She admits that she is a sinner. She violated the laws. She tried to get her life straight, she really did, but the ecstasy of the love-making and the money in exchange were always hard to resist. If there was someone who could get her out of here, it was only God but because she was nothing more than a wretched prostitute, she had nothing to bargain for.

She braced herself for the first stone. She wouldn’t dare look at her attackers, but she could hear the people picking up the stones. She knew any moment now, the first stone would be cast.

Suddenly, a man spoke up. “If it will please everyone, I would like to take this case from your judgment.” Everyone dropped their stones. She looked up and saw the man standing between her and the crowd. He was in all white. He stood firm and tall. His voice seemed to come from somewhere else. Based on how he stood and how the crowd dropped the stones, this was a man of importance. A man who was respected by the crowd, he was none other than one of the scholars.

But why speak up? What is he up to? She thought.

“If it would please everyone, I would like to take this woman. I would like to take responsibility for her actions. I was told by none other than God to be this woman’s husband!”

Everyone gasped at the man’s declaration.

What did he just say? She thought. This man, a man looked up to by most of the community, will take this me as his wife? This is madness! I am a prostitute. There is sufficient proof. I am is dirty and sinful and ought to be punished. What has gotten into this man? What is he talking about?

“Joe, would you really do this?” someone from the crowd asked.

“Yes!” replied the man who was called Joe.

“But why?”

“What’s wrong with you?”

“What did he just say?”

Voices from the crowd were heard. She could only bow her head as the man called Joe explained to them. She thought. This man might be crazy. 

“I was instructed by God,” said Joe. “I am going to take this woman as my wife. And I promise to love her as God has showed his love for all of you.”

No one dared counter his arguments. The crowd knows him. He was a man of God. Frequently, he even goes to the king’s palace to advise the king. Who were they to know what God told this man? So without anyone contesting his claims, the crowd left one by one some of them shaking their heads in disbelief.

At that moment, she looked at this man. She looked straight into the man’s eyes. She was appalled at what she saw. It was foreign yet magnificent. She saw love for the first time in a man’s eyes yet she would not believe it. It seemed to come from above. The more she looked, the more she understood that he was not like most men.

Who was this man? Why did he take me as his wife? I am filthy and not even fit to be a wife. I could not even get myself straight. I am a totally out of his league. Why me? What will he get from me?

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