Love’s Eyes Part 2


“Who are you?” she asked. “What do you want from me?”

“I’m Hosea.” He said. “I was brought here by God to marry you.”

“Hahahaha!” She was surprised at herself. She had never laughed so hard in her life. “You men! You all say the same things. And you seem to be the craziest of them all”

“It may sound crazy but I was truly sent by God.” Hosea said somewhat sheepishly.

“Wait, that part I believe. You even look like the part. But marry me? Are you serious? Are you tormenting me? I am not even wife material. I am a harlot. A prostitute. I might even have a disease!”

“That doesn’t matter. I know you don’t have any disease. You are loved and you were saved by God.”

“Love? What do you know about love? You who did nothing but pray and talk to your god? You who seemed know nothing of the hurt I have been through? I am grateful that you saved me. I really am, but what do you know about love?”

14327809-editable-silhouettes-of-the-culture-clash-as-a-western-man-and-an-east-asian-woman-greet-each-otherThe man didn’t reply. He merely looked at her. She tried to meet his gaze but she quickly turned away. There was something about his gaze now. His gaze was kind and affectionate almost childlike. He seemed to understand but didn’t condemn. It is something she had not seen for a long time. When most men look at her, she could see the lust, the desire, and the lasciviousness of their thoughts. She knew immediately what kind of roughness they possessed. Then, after getting what they wanted, they would look at her with total disgust. As if she was a dirty and useless animal.

Hosea’s were different. There was a certain kindness and understanding that makes her feel weak and defenceless. It was as if he knew her very soul and never judged her for it. His were eyes that understood her pain. Gomer, as was her name, was amazed.

“Come!” He said and walked away. She didn’t know why but she was suddenly walking towards him. She followed him to a part of the city that she has never been to. This was an area inhabited usually by the influential scholars and learned men. He stopped in front of a house. He went inside and kept the door open for her. She entered. Her head still bowed in humble submission. This was the beginning of her new life.

Gomer tried to learn who Hosea is as much as she could. He devoted his time praying and studying scrolls. He was kind hearted, and sympathetic. He was a good man and often enjoyed spending time with her doing chores, going on walks and even in mingling with people in the streets. He was simple in every way.

She actually couldn’t believe that such a man existed. At the back of her head, she was searching for some hidden agenda. Most men are like that. Nay, most people are like that. People are kind only until they get what they want. For men, it is usually sex, power and money. Maybe this man would leave her when offered a higher post or when given enough money.

Gomer could not find any.

Years later, Hosea and Gomer had three children. They were a happy family. She was happy.

Despite the years, there was still this nagging thought in her head that this was too good to be true. She still felt that she didn’t deserve all of this. She was happy, in love and felt loved. It was something that even after all these years was foreign to her. She was not used to this feeling. More than that, she missed her old life. She missed the life of thrill-seeking and adventure with other men. She missed the high rolling life of getting whatever dress, perfume or any other luxury that she wanted. This was too simple, too naïve, too quiet. She also hated the fact that her only luxury was the abundance of food. She wanted more.

As most humans, she entertained the thought. She rejected the simple and pure for the prestigious and complicated. Most often, when we entertain these thoughts, we crave for it more, we get tempted to leave everything for nothing.

So one day, Hosea arrived with his kids at their empty house. Gomer was nowhere to be found.



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