And Ever


“How do I look?”

14327809-editable-silhouettes-of-the-culture-clash-as-a-western-man-and-an-east-asian-woman-greet-each-otherApart from the questions you ask yourself, this question is one of the hardest to answer. Most times the answer depends on who is asking. If it is a close sibling or a close friend, a bunch of jokes and insults would be the best answer. For other people outside this category, you have to think hard for the right answer.

I wonder if there are couples who split up be because of this question. Argue, perhaps? I remember the frown I received from a friend when she asked me that question. Once I gave my answer, it seemed that I had to defend my position. I was like on a diplomatc mission or something.

As you would care to notice, this question is openly asked on every social media. Photos of food, places and objects are prominent. And dont even start talking about the selfies. There’s a lot on instagram, facebook, twitter and many other sites to last several lifetimes. All of this in an effort to ask the world to see us and say “how do I look?”


squiggly thoughtsI wonder how long this would last, How long would we shout out to the world in search of attention and acceptance? How long would would we criticize and put each other down? How long would we seek satisfaction in having the most likes, the most comments and the most views?

I guess through out the generations even before the selfies and the social media began, people were already seeking ways to get everyone’s attention. There are artworks, compositions, architecture, fashion, news reports and many others. It all boils down to leaving a lasting mark on earth while we are alive. It all boils down to leaving a legacy before we expire.

I remember going to a famous waterfalls somewhere in Rizal. The hike was not really hard. The place was already tourist friendly. There was actually a path littered with local food and souvenir stores. While walking we had to pass under a short tunnel to reach the other side of the falls. The tunnel was filled with vandal marks that says “_____ was here.” Some were new, others seemed to have been there for quite a while. Perhaps it was their way of posting a selfie with the cave and the falls.


God must have thought about that.

He knew that we would look for ways to show that we existed. He knew that after the fall, once we have realized that we were to meet a certain doom, we would seek ways to tell the next generation that we existed. He knew that we would find ways to leave a legacy. He knows exactly what we would be craving for. He knew exactly what would tempt us.

That’s why God gave us hope.

God also knows that all our efforts will never last forever. Art works could be destroyed. Architecture could be demolished. Stories of great deeds could be forgotten. Fashion could fade out. God knows that no matter what legacy we leave behind, it will not last. Your good works, your talents, your achievements – all of it – will never last.

He gave us hope in His Son. He gave His only son, Jesus Christ. He gave us an assurance of his love in order for us to understand that we do not have to shout. We do not need selfies. We do not need to put anything else above our relationship with Him. All we have to do is focus on Him and His love for all of us. Because at the end of it all, the best legacy that we could leave on this earth is the knowledge that we have lived with God’s love in our hearts.

And that is the only legacy we couild ever leave behind.

One that lasts forever and ever.




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