“Once there was a love deeper than the seas.”

Or so says the pamphlet that you can download from the website of The Ruins of Negros. The place is a tourist attraction when you visit the Island of Negros. In fact you might have to wait for a while before you couild take a selfie with the place.

Take it from someone who waited for almost 30minutes.

20150416090118The place was actually the ruins of a mansion built by Don Mariano Lacson. I don’t know why they wouldn’t call it the Lacson Mansion or something similar instead. I think it would have been more specific. The Ruins of Negros made it sound like the whole island of Negros was ruined. Anyway, the story was that the mansion was built by Don Mariano Lacson out of his love for his wife, Maria Bragga. His love was that big. His pockets must have been even deeper. He built a huge mansion and 10 kids to fill it up. Sadly though, before the mansion was completed, Maria Bragga died while giving birth.

The mansion now stands as a memory of his love. It is all over the mansion. I kid you not! It is on every pillar, doorway, stairs and even the garden outside. I am not speaking about mumbo jumbo feel good stuff. The couple’s initials are like hidden mickeys all around the mansion. Every pillar, doorway and buttress were etched with their initials.

20150416092935I wonder what kind of love existed between the two that lead to such a dedicated mansion. I guess in this day, it would be hard to imagine such love. Was it really that deep? Was it really worth the effort to erect a celebrated structure? I also wonder what kind of relationship they had. Did they even argue? How did they sort those things out? In this day and age when divorce is common and marriage almost lost its essence, probably a relationship akin to Don Mariano and Maria is a curiosity.

What would prompt a man to do this?

I guess the answer to this is just a tiny portion of what prompted another man more than 2000 years ago to die on the cross for you. His love was absolute that He allowed himself to be sacrificed in order for you to understand such love. His love was that great that it transcended death. The Don may have shown a “love deeper than the seas,” but His love is a love that goes beyond death and life. It is a love that will stand forever.

They say that there is no forever and yet here is a huge structure testifying to an undying love. It has endured the test of time and while it stands, it will continue to share a couple’s wondrous love story. We may think that there is no forever, but here is a cross that testifies a love that was given in exchange for the blood of the Son of God. This love is bought at a high price but given away for you for free.

There is forever and it is found in God’s love for us.



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