Teacher: Which one is an animal?

Student: This one. (Pointing to cow)

Teacher: What’s that?

Student: A dog.

Teacher: That’s not a dog. That’s a…

Student: A big dog!

– Therapy Session Excerpt

Today, I come by a new label.

I am now a “back-outer.”

I know it is my entire fault. Kinda.


I really wanted to climb a mountain today even if I will also climb another one next week. The proposed mountain today was actually a big challenge for me. It’s a twin hike both 400+ meters above sea level but with a difficulty level of 4 and 5 out of 9. That’s seemed like a small challenge until I saw the pictures. This is not a hike. It’s actually a climb. As in hands and knees and legs climb for your life.

For someone with a moderately weak upper body as I am, this is the biggest challenge. I can hike easy but vertical climbs give me the thrills and scares that I could not differentiate the two anymore. I am really looking forward to this trek. It’s a new conquest for me.

Another draw is the location. It’s in Rodriguez, Rizal, which has been my home for ¼ of my senior college year. I loved the rural vibe but with the urbanization at the side. There’s also a proposed side trip to the Wawa Dam. I have been there before and it would be great to be back.

Still, I backed out.


Looking for someone to blame, I blame Eisenhower. Yes, the president Eisenhower. It’s his fault!

I stumbled upon a blog a few weeks back about Dwight Eisenhower and his box.

Dwight Eisenhower is one of the presidents of the United States of America. I think he’s the 34th President. I don’t know about his achievements or his reforms while in office but I learned that he is one great organized man. He knew what to prioritize first. His credo is this:

“What is important is seldom urgent and what is urgent is seldom important.”

-Dwight Eisenhower

He created this matrix or box that tells you how and what to prioritize not just as a president but in life in general. This is all your fault Dwight!


About his box, I learned that to prioritize, one must learn how to segregate the important from the unimportant and the urgent from the not so urgent. I actually forgot most of the blog but was able to burn the all-important box that Eisenhower created. From there, I was able to mentally segregate my tasks according to the matrix.

So why did I back out? I found out that I had actually 16 reports due at the end of the month and I only have no Sundays off if I hiked today. The slacker in me really wanted to go out and explore but some alarms went off in my head that there were papers that I needed to attend to. I know it is a bummer and a shame that I would miss such a great opportunity to challenge myself physically but the urgent need are the reports and I think I must prioritize.

Thus, I put off hiking for now.

Blame it on Eisenhower and his box.

But then, why am I writing this…

OK, back to work.



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