The Expensive Gift


There was once a woman who applied for a job. She answered an ad from a manning agency that assigns people to various jobs in any part of the world. To her utter amazement, she got a call from the agency just a week of sending her credentials. She was told that she has been hired by one of the richest men of the land. The rich man was looking for someone just like her to help him maintain his house. The agency told her that the man was in a hurry and requested her if she could start immediately. If she accepted, she would be given the month’s wage in advance.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis was surprising news indeed! She accepted immediately and was instructed to go to one of the biggest mansions in a posh village a few minutes out of the city. The village had a tight security but she was given instant access. She was lead directly to the mansion overlooking the whole village. Upon arriving, she expected to be busy. She was greeted by a butler, a man who seemed all too glad to meet her. She was given new clothes and was told to wait in a room for instructions. She was surprised at how tidy the whole house was. She wondered how many servants were there. Suddenly the door opened and a man entered. He was wearing plain clothes and had a holster full of tools on his belt. He looked like the maintenance man. He nodded to the woman.

“Good day,” the man said. “I am Mr. —–, I own this house and I want you to help me with some chores.”

The woman’s mouth dropped. She did not expect that the richest man in the land would be wearing plain clothes or look like the maintenance man. She struggled to find a reply and managed to blurt out some jibberish, “what do I do?”

“I’m sorry if I look like this,” the man replied. “I just finished remodeling the master’s bedroom of this house. Your task is simple, since I am busy and just newly acquired this house, I want you to live here for a while until I come back. I will give you enough money for food and other expenses on top of your salary. The car is ready for you with, Fred, the man who opened the door for you, to bring you wherever you want to go. Just live here for a while and keep things in order while I manage other properties abroad.”

The woman gasped! She? Here? Why? She could not believe her ears. Here she was floating from job to job only trying to make ends meet. Now she is being offered to live in a mansion.

“Oh! By the way, someone is going to come each week to clean up the place so you don’t have to worry about anything. There are also clothes there and some might actually fit you. The bedroom I just remodeled will be your room.”

Everything happened so fast the last thing the woman remembered was that she was being handed the keys to the house.

While the story is quite too good to be true, it does happen to all of us. Most of us just chose to ignore it. Our thinking has always been we should work to earn money to live because nothing is free anymore. This is the misconception that we have.

imageBut something is being given to us for free. Not free like those trial cookies or free taste ladies who dole out free pieces of cookies or small cups of fruit juices to customers. Those are just free tastes. If you want more, you might have to buy a box.

God offers a free gift of salvation. It is a gift that He carefully planned so that you and I could live with Him. Sure, the Bible tells us about mansions or gardens that He is preparing for us. The Bible tells us of life eternal void of sadness or problems. But those things are just the bonuses on top of what He really is offering us – Himself. He is offering a lifelong relationship with Him and that is all that we could ever need.

For that to happen, first, we have to be as perfect as Him. We have to be sinless, and righteous. He tried to whip us up into shape but we never could make the cut, so He came down to do it for us. The Old Testament shows us how He did try to make righteous beings out of us but no one could do it. All the while He kept telling the people then that He will send someone who could do it and this person would have to die so that all of us could be given that access to Him. As we could see throughout the Old Testament, no one could do it. No one was righteous enough, and no one was willing enough to die for the whole world.

God carefully executed a plan that would allow us to do that. He, Himself, came down and showed a sinless life – this is the life that we could not do for the longest time. He came as a man and lived as we have lived while showing us that a righteous life could happen here. Then to show us a way to it, He willingly died for us. Jesus’ death was a death that carried all of our sins to the grave, then, He rose again indicating that He had the powers over life and death.

All of these have been done with a great expense. But He is offering it to us for an unlimited time offer for free. All we have to do is to accept. This is how God operates. He did all of it simply because He is love. We cannot ask Him what good we ever did to deserve anything He offers us because it is not because of our goodness but because He is good and He loves us.

So the biggest question is do you accept?.



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